Health: Increased risk of addiction in the case of football betting during the world Cup

Young men are particularly betting enthusiasts of Sport-the BZgA found in a survey of last year. For 2018, the Federal center sees danger in sports betting, particularly in the context of the football world Cup.

Addictive potential of sports betting

Around 1.7 million people bet in 2017, at a sporting event. For the football world Cup, the BZgA expected to be an increased rush to the betting offices. But betting has its price: It’s an Addiction threatens.

Especially young men in the money speculation, to sports, to events, to 5.7 per cent of the 16-25-Year-olds have set in the past year, ever been to such an event. 20 percent of them did so at least once a week.

Currently, the game behavior by 326,000 people in Germany is considered to be problematic, 180.000, are addictive.

Consequences of a gambling addiction

Gambling can threaten entire existences, knows the drugs authorize the Federal government, Marlene Morter. Families zerbrächen and the financial Ruin threatened by over-Indebtedness. Therefore, Morter insists on a tightening of youth and player protection. Also, Heidrun Thaiss, Director of the BZgA in the betting critical:

“The hope to win big, seduced, and that uncontrolled is played and the risks are underestimated.”

Of gambling someone to seek advice from the BZgAunter the toll-free number 0800-1 37 27 00 personally and anonymously, and auxiliary services on-site. Also members of the telephone Advisory service of the BZgA provides helpful support.

Olivia Samnick

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