Woman wakes up after five years in coma and sees for the first Time your child

In 2004, an aneurysm in the brains of Carola Thimm bursts. She falls into a coma and is five years not responsive – the birth of her own daughter, she experienced not be aware of. Today, she leads an independent life.

In may 2004, Carola Thimm is 34 years old, the EU has just received ten new members, and in America George Bush is President. Thimm, itself, is five months pregnant and happy. Then she collapses while Jogging, and wakes up five years later.

Their extraordinary story has the 46-Year-old in the book “My life without me” (of Patmos) to be written and the magazine “stern” told.

Thimm is put into an artificial coma

“If you want to know my complete story, you need to speak with my family. I know a part of my life only from their narratives”, says Thimm the “star”.

Five whole years of her life, the German knows only from Reports of others. A ruptured aneurysm was the cause for their collapse. It came to bleeding in the brain, Thimm was operated on twice at the open skull, and then into an artificial coma.

A couple of Times, it seemed as if they would Wake up again. “She looked at me, even smiled. One or two days that was so, then she slid slowly back away,” recalls her husband in conversation with the “star”.

Daughter by caesarean section

Hope your family was not fulfilled: Carola Thimm fell into the coma, was not responsive, responded to external stimuli. For five long years she remained in this state, the birth of her own daughter, she was not aware of.

Marie comes in September, 2004 by caesarean. “We had hoped that the birth brings us Carola back to back, she wakes up again, if you feel your child,” says Carola’s mother, Brita the “star”. iStock With the help of the MRI could Wake a coma patient in the future in contact with their environmental kick

“Myself, I took the whole time”

However, it should still take years, until the establishment fought back to life. As long as she was in a nursing home close to your family as often as possible, you brought Marie to her.

Patients are not able to communicate in coma with the outside world, but that doesn’t mean, that you perceive nothing. Especially emotional impressions can remain. “Myself, I took all the time in fact, as a guard, although sick, is true. Without a feeling for the length of the time”, explains Thimm in the “star” of your time in the coma.

First Contact 2009

In 2009, then came the medical miracle: Carola Thimm was the first year of contact with their outside world. The formerly enthusiastic Diver shaped an O with your fingers, the dive sign for Okay.

A first success, but it still took several years for Thimm had fought all the way back to life. Everything you had to learn: walking, brushing teeth, speaking, writing.

Fights back to life

And you got to know Marie. It took Thimm understand, who is this cheerful girl that comes to visit always. Until she recognized Marie as their daughter.

But Carola Thimm fought with success: Today, the 46 lives-Year-old independently in an apartment, she makes a day of Sport and with Marie homework. Even neurologists speak of a miracle.