A pillow needs to do three things

What is the best resting cushion? Whether in wedge and spherical shape, with built-in speaker, for people with allergies or back patients: Due to the variety of offer the purchase of a cushion is now a science in itself. Experts say: All not so is important – the main thing is to be comfortable.

A pillow needs to do three things, says Peter Young, Chairman of the German society for sleep research and sleep medicine (DGSM). “It must allow for a pain-free sleep, it may force no attitude, and it must feel subjectively good.”

Good sleep is not only the Basis for performance and mood on the following day. From the orthopaedic point of view of sleep is, especially for the spine is important. “You have to wear during the day the body and at night to regenerate”, says Bernd Kladny, Secretary-General of the German society for Orthopaedics and trauma surgery (DGOU). For this to succeed, you must can swelling of the intervertebral discs easily, because you with nutrients, full of eyes. The spine must not be squashed or stretched. Otherwise, the disabled, the long-term repair processes of the intervertebral disc and increases the risk of damage to the spine.

It should not be too large

It is so far, you should try a new pillow as much as possible. Back healthy people could observe themselves well, which pillow is ideal, says Kladny.

If it is not comfortable and the sleeper feels the next day, well, in General, also the cushion well. Just too large, it should never be: “it is Important especially in the case of stomach and back sleepers, that only the head is on the pillow,” says Kladny. “Therefore, the normal cushion size of 80 times 80 centimeters is not suitable as such.”

Only those who have back or neck problems, need advice. Otherwise there was a risk that the deformities will be amplified.

Whether it is the new pillow for a side sleeper or belly pillow, playing for the orthopedic surgeon, hardly a role. “This is an ideal pillow, there is not, because we have to move us at night,” he says. “The side sleeper is the night on the side.”

In General, the experts suggest that people try to change their long-standing sleep position. Who falls asleep on the side, I found it difficult to find on the belly or back, lying down to rest.

“An exception are the maximum cushion to prevent the back to sleep,” says Sleep doctor Young. The need, for example, patients with apnea, breathing interruptions, so that only occur in the supine position.