Retirement for some seniors is a health risk

Depending on the professional activity of the entry in the pension positive or negative consequences for the health: While men from more low-paid, routine jobs and the unemployed have benefited from the increased in individuals who were followed up a well-paid job, the mortality rate shortly after the retirement.

From the data of nearly 800,000 people, researchers at the RWI-Leibniz Institute for economic research in Essen and came to the conclusion that retirement is not on all of the professional groups has a positive effect: In the case of good earners men and women who were 65 in the pension, increased the death rate by two to three percent. Matthias Giesecke from the RWI is suspected: "The social Isolation is likely to be in the retirement age in the foreground, because you will lose with the occupation, occupational prestige, and social networks."

In the case of less well-off men, with 63 years in retirement, the death rate fell to one per cent. You have often worked in jobs with hazards and physically demanding activities, so the scientists suspect that less Stress and hazards, as well as a high recreational value may have a positive effect. Who was in front of the pension, unemployed, benefited also, probably, because of the Stigma of unemployment of them fell off.

For their analysis, the scientists evaluated data from the German pension insurance of 280,000 pensioners and 500,000 pensioners of the birth cohorts 1934 to 1936, as well as from the Socio-oekonomischem Panel, a representative panel survey of private households in Germany.