What helps with panic attacks

The engines roar, the plane picks up speed. Just before it takes off, breaks out of the sweat, the hands start to tremble. The heart races, breathing is shallow, his throat is tight. In the head the thoughts swirling frantically around, while the body is frozen. The heart rhythm control, calm down? In a panic-like state of violent fear that is hardly possible, says Werner Weishaupt, President of the Union of independent psychotherapists.

Panic attacks Affected ambushed all of a sudden – usually triggered by extreme Stress or danger. On average, they take between ten and 30 minutes. Affected have often the feeling to be crazy or about to die, because you lawn physical reactions such as heart, shortness of breath or the feeling of paralysis can assign for the first Time. Often, they seek help in the emergency room of a hospital.

However, a single panic attack is not a reason for concern, says Manfred Beutel, Director of the clinic and polyclinic for Psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy at the Mainz University medical center, Manfred bags. Because fear is a natural protective mechanism of man, protects him from dangers. “In this respect, is afraid of something Positive,” says the expert.

Stress as a trigger of panic attacks and disorders

Problematic panic attacks when the Affected avoid out of fear of the next attack, certain situations and places. Because the lower the quality of life, instead of solving the real Problem. “In such cases, the need for treatment panic disorder is,” says Weishaupt. It is a Form of anxiety disorder and may be affected, regardless of age, every meeting, women are more likely than men.

The reasons are many. “Who’s shy as a child, and fearful, and in consequence a low tolerance for Anxiety has suffer more panic attacks than others,” says bag. Overprotective parents can also contribute to a child builds a little confidence in life and in themselves, and thus prone to panic attacks.

The outbreak they are often in difficult life situations. This can be due to extreme Stress, non-conflicts, or repressed feelings worked. “Not always illicit emotions such as envy or resentment can be set aside,” said Weishaupt. Pent-up feelings are discharged in anger, Depression or panic attacks.

Fear combat

“Recurrent panic attacks are a Signal that people need to change something in their lives,” says Arno Deister, chief physician of the centre for psycho-social medicine of the Klinikum Itzehoe. The house doctor checked whether symptoms such as heart palpitations have physical causes. Everything is fine, behind the complaints, perhaps mental problems. Then specialists can help for psychosomatic medicine or a psychotherapist.

Bag recommends cognitive-behavioral therapy. Patient your anxiety and find out through a therapist, what you can be right in certain situations to panic. In the case of unprocessed conflicts can help a deep psychological treatment to find the cause of the attacks and to edit.

In the case of a pronounced anxiety disorder, the also Depression, Doctors prescribe, sometimes in addition to therapy, appropriate medication. “Not recommended the taking of sedatives is” stressed bag. You don’t help, at best, short-term, but contribute to solve the health Problem.

Who wants to get his panic attacks independently in the grip, you can talk with a familiar Person about his Fears. Deister also recommends, to nicotine, alcohol or excessive coffee experience. Because these stimulants increase the level of stress and leads to panic attacks. Regular relaxation can help. The experts, therefore, advise, autogenic Training, or Qi Gong in everyday life incorporate.