Penis extensions do nothing

The sexual self-confidence of many men also depends on the size of your Penis. Gels, injections, and operations promise to extend the member on request. British Doctors recommend now, however, of such interventions. These were “ineffective and risky,” writes a team of researchers from the prestigious King’s College London in the journal “Sexual Medicine Reviews”. It erectile dysfunction or persistent numbness threatened, while the desired effect ausbliebe.

For the meta-analysis, the researchers had analyzed 17 previous studies and were able to view the patient data of 1192 men. The documents provide information on the 21 different ways to lengthen the Penis. Some of them were not connected with a surgical procedure, other.

Less than two inches

Because it is mainly young men participated in the study, is the study for all patients to be representative. In addition, only few patient data are available from some of the interventions. In comparison to other studies, overview studies are nevertheless more reliable because you take the Knowledge from the individual studies and on a larger data basis.

Among the investigated non-operative interventions of so-called Penis Extender. It is usually placed a noose around the shaft of the Penis and pulled. As a result, the tissue will stretch with time. According to the study, the limb was extended in the non-erect state by less than two centimeters, however, pain occurred frequently. In addition, the desired effect did not last long.

Injections in the limb led to the investigation of any extension, the Penis was possibly a little thicker. Suction devices generally have no effect.

Surgical Penis Extension

To one of the most common surgical procedures in the Ligamentolyse. In the process, physicians make use of the fact that the longest part of the Penis is inside the body and not visible from the outside. Some penis are straps severed, hold the Penis at the pelvis, slips a part of the previously non-visible Penis to the outside. As a result, he does not look bigger, even if the institution itself at length. According to the centre for penile surgery, the penis can act optically to two to three inches longer. According to the British researchers, the intervention, however, did not always produce the desired effect. In addition, complications such as erectile dysfunction occurred frequently.

“The treatment results were overall poor, with low satisfaction rates and a significant risk for serious complications, including deformity of the Penis, shortening and erectile dysfunction,” summarize the researchers the result of the study. They advise, therefore, of such interventions. Also, because the cost to the equivalent of up to 46.000 Euro amount, which will only be taken in rare cases of health insurance companies.

“The majority of men with a penis enlargement want, and mistakenly believe that their Penis is too small,” said urologist Gordon Muir of the Guardian. What size for a Penis is “normal” is not medically defined. According to a study from the year 2014, the average penis length is in the flaccid state 9.16 centimeters. A penis length of less than seven centimeters in the erected state, doctors speak of a micro penis.