5 home remedies in Check: What really helps against a hangover?

The head is pounding, my stomach goes crazy and is all about – who wakes up in the morning with these symptoms, usually has a pretty nasty hangover from the party the night before.

If this is still deep in the bone, trying to get everything in the way to feel fit again.

Coffee, hangover Breakfast, or the tried-and-true headache tablet a lot of ways promise fast remedy and I actually succeed in some of the home remedies even, really, to relieve the pesky hangover.

How is a cat?

A hangover is mainly caused by the dehydration of the body and manifests itself through symptoms such as headaches, Nausea, impaired concentration and a General malaise.

By excessive alcohol consumption dries out the body, literally from. This is because the hormone Vasopressin is inhibited – this regulates the water balance in the body.

It ensures, among other things, that the kidneys produce just as much urine, as the body can produce. Alcoholic beverages inhibit the secretion of melatonin – the loss of water increases in height.

Incidentally, this is also the reason why you have a increased alcohol consumption so often to the toilet, a dry mouth and the next day with a headache to Wake up.

These 5 home remedies to combat a hangover

If the last Drink was may too much and it feels like a jackhammer would celebrate to the end still happy to continue, you want to curl up on the loved one just in bed.

Some home remedies make it, but still, the cat-counter – and almost everyone has them at home.

1. Hangover Breakfast

Usually is the hangover Breakfast is recommended, if possible, hearty, salty and greasy fail. In the case of a severe hangover, our liver is busy most of the consumed alcohol is down again and works on high speed.

In addition, the liver is also in charge to keep the metabolism of fat, proteins and carbohydrates on the Run. In the case of a particularly hearty hangover Breakfast, the institution has two important tasks.

So as not to overwhelm the liver should not be eaten excessively, but better food with a high Vitamin and mineral content will be.

For this purpose, for example fruit or vegetable is in the Form of Smoothies or a tasty soup or stew. Especially chicken soup brings the Electrolyte back to the front.

2. Water

Sufficient liquid is not only the next Morning important for the body – on the eve of, you should drink as a preventive measure between the individual Drinks a glass of water.

Who before you go to sleep a half to a whole Liter of water to drink, you can avoid a headache also the next day.

If it is too late and you Wake up in the morning with a thick skull, you should do yourself and your stomach a decisive Favor of non-carbonated water drink – carbonation irritates the stomach.

Who Breakfast of water, tea, and Apple juice holds to the slight hangover, is determined to be fit again very soon.

3. Walk in the fresh air

If the cat continues to stubbornly on the loose, a walk in the fresh air of wonders.

The slight movement stimulates the circulation of blood so that the vessels expand and the oxygen supply is reinforced in the body. Thus, the circuit is stabilized and the Regeneration of the body accelerates.

If it is colder outside, you can relieve this cold stimulus to a pleasant autumn or winter’s day, in addition to the head pain. But beware: a walk in the blazing sun, should Hangover take patients prefer to distance.

4. Drinking coffee

In addition to plenty of water also coffee can provide quick remedy and, above all, relieve headaches. The effect is reinforced, if one adds some lemon.

This effect against a hangover originally invented by the Italians – you swear for generations to Espresso with a lemon and indeed, this combination attenuates the sensation of pain.

The effect, as caffeine and citric acid, the formation of an enzyme that controls the release of substances to the transmission of pain is blocked.

Too much coffee should also be avoided, as too much caffeine, in turn, can promote headaches.

5. Medication only if it doesn’t work anymore

If really nothing helps, you can resort to a pain pill.

To protect the stomach, should, however, be a Ibuprofen taken, as this is easily digestible and so the stomach is not irritable.

As a General rule in medicine against the hangover: as much as necessary but as little as possible.

With the intake of certain funds, are also associated side effects, which can worsen the Whole actually.

Antonia Hagedorn

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