8 Celebrities Who Have Made Workout Videos

Who remembers the heyday of celebrity workout videos?

These star-studded fitness tapes were all the rage in the 1980s, ’90s, and early aughts, when DVDs and VHS tapes were still the dominant ways people watched their favorite media at home. A-list actresses, singers, and performers like Jane Fonda, Latoya Jackson, and Paula Abdul contributed to the craze, sharing their coveted workout routines with the masses via instructional videos.

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Today, many celebrities still share insight into how they exercise — only instead of releasing DVDs, they post clips of themselves working out on Instagram Stories. Even though the medium has changed, the underlying implication remains the same: Celebrities are conventionally attractive, and people want to emulate their workouts in the hopes of looking like them.

However,  we have to acknowledge that this sentiment is wrapped up in diet culture, which privileges a narrow set of beauty ideals — like thinness and chiseled features — over just about everything else. There’s no such thing as a “perfect body.” And when it comes to health and wellness, exercise is just one piece of puzzle. Nutrition and mental health are equally important to feeling healthy and accepting of your body.

The simple act of naming these truths can help foster healthier attitudes around exercise and fitness. Not to mention, being critical of the fitness media we consume doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it, especially for nostalgia purposes. There’s a reason some of these decades-old tapes have stood the test of time: Many provide clear instructions for beginner-friendly, full-body workouts that any pretty much any person who is able-bodied can do from home.

And let’s be real — they’re campy as hell. The retro looks alone are worth checking out.

Keep reading to learn more about eight celebrities who have made workout videos. Whether you’re ISO a rigorous at-home sweat sesh or a nostalgic look back at peak DVD culture, you’ll surely find something that piques your interest.

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