Brandy promotes digestion?

The Gyros was tasty, no question. However, the belly takes revenge promptly. Chewy, the chunks of flesh seem to have to fight your way in the direction of the stomach and clump together there is a big, fat, far from it, the way for the New. What to do?

The liquor is already on the table, with its anise taste, it acts a little like medicine. He should fix it, that’s the hope. In fact, however, each felt a positive effect after Drinking a digestive schnapps is a pure placebo effect. Studies even say that the booze can slow down the digestion.

Irene Berres, Julia Merlot:
Myth or medicine

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Cheese fondue feast for science

For a small study by Swiss scientists 2010 20 healthy adults, a hearty cheese fondue eating, with 32 percent fat in the cheese challenged the digestion properly. A part of the participants was able to drink and eat with black tea, a part of drank a good half a bottle of wine (300 ml). Also, some of the participants were given after the meal, a drink, others were given water.

The result: The more alcohol the participants drank, had the fight stronger your digestion. The wine ensured that the stomach emptied more slowly. As the subjects drank the liquor, put the brakes on the digestion in addition.

“The stomach is basically a large muscle that pumps continuously and the food in the direction of the bowel be emptied,” says Christian Prince, Director of the Helios clinic for gastroenterology in Wuppertal, Germany. The alcohol block, probably nerves that stimulate the stomach to pump. “I am a true enemy of schnapps after the meal,” says Prince. “Generally speaking, I see a high percentage is a positive approach to health.”

Aperitif may help – but only the right

In drinks such as Sherry, port, wine, beer and some Prosecco varieties Prince are included, however, bitter substances, the special cells stimulate the gastric mucosa to acid-free. This can then simplify the pre-digestion of the food. With alcohol, the effect has nothing to do with it. Espresso, what is the subject of bitter substances, in principle, have the same effect, says Prince. “Through his taste drugged but, possibly, the sensitivity for the meal.”


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Those who opt for an Aperitif, they should occupy according to the experts at best – as usual in France – a half-hour before eating. “Then, the taste is up to eat again, and you can enjoy the dish fully,” explains the stomach specialist.

Walk for digestion is the best means of

During the meal a glass of wine can be quite useful to elicit, however, only to the court of special tastes. From a medical point of view, the Prince looks at this time will not be advantageous for the digestion. Yeast-containing beer beverages as they are served in Bavaria, like the roast pork, he advises. “The yeast provides for the accumulation of Air in the stomach and swells this. As a result, it comes to an additional a feeling of tension,” he says.

In addition, everyone should know the limits of his body. A healthy liver can handle – as long as it only occasionally, according to the Prince in women up to 30 grams of alcohol, in men, a maximum of 50 grams. For comparison: A beer (330 ml) contains 13 grams of alcohol, wine (200 milliliters) of 16 grams, a Sherry (100 milliliters) of 16 grams and a Whisky (20 milliliters) of 7 grams. “A bottle of wine is definitely too much,” says Prince.

Who stomach, intestines, and the well-being would do after eating something really Good, it should rise up easily from the Couch. A further investigation of the effect of the digestion liquor came to the conclusion that a leisurely walk after dinner is the best way to empty the stomach as quickly as possible. “The movement of the abdominal wall probably has to do with a direct influence on the pacemaker cells in the stomach,” says Prince. And these, in turn, the clock, the Gyros in the direction of the gut dissipated.

Conclusion: stay away from the digestion liquor, he can do more harm than good. Who wants to fight the feeling of fullness, should be getting instead of the Couch and go for a walk. Also a Sherry before the meal can help, but not because of alcohol, but due to specific bitter substances.