Child in Rosenheim measles ill – Landratsamt to take drastic measures

The State health Department Rosenheim was reported this week, a measles illness of a child from the district. The disease has now drawn large circles. The health Department Rosenheim is forced to visit bans, professional activity prohibitions, and no-Contact orders.

Since the measles disease is up to five days before the typical skin rash infectious, the diagnosis is usually too late to take effective measures for the protection of the contact persons. So it was in this case.

The health Department is currently investigating about 50 people who had surgeries in contact with the child in the family, in the circle of friends and doctor. In the case of three persons, there is an urgent disease is suspected because of their symptoms. Only 13 people are vaccinated according to their statements, sufficient twice against measles. All the other could potentially become ill.

City and district of Rosenheim are in the vaccination rate of measles at the School in Bavaria on the last place.

In order for the disease explosion does not spread therefore fast in the Region, currently in the case of persons with suspected infectivity, to be arranged by the Landratsamt Rosenheim visit to the prohibitions of schools and kindergartens, professional activity prohibitions, and no-Contact orders susceptible persons for each of 14 days.

Measles-symptoms are initially inconspicuous

Measles is a highly contagious infectious disease. The disease can take a severe course with middle ear and lung inflammation. In some cases, it can lead to a serious inflammation of the brain with permanent damage or even death.

The Virus is transmitted from human to human by droplets. After the initial symptoms such as fever, cough and runny nose Infected will get a characteristic red skin rash.

Measles weakens the immune system and can also bring serious complications such as brain inflammation. Heavy gradients are observed mainly in infants and adults.