Düsseldorf: German spend billions for coffee

For your Breakfast coffee and the Espresso in between the consumers grab in Germany deep in the pocket.

Alone in the grocery and drugstore markets, the German citizens spent between the beginning of December 2017 and the beginning of December 2018, almost four billion euros for your Favorite pick-me-up, so almost 50 euros per head. The findings of a current study by the market research company Nielsen.

The Germans bought slightly less coffee than in the twelve months before. In terms of quantity, sales fell almost a percent to 382 million pounds, according to value of 2.8 percent. This should not, however, mean a decline in coffee consumption, believe the researchers. “According to our assessment, this may be due to the fact that the Germans are drinking coffee more and more often outside the home,” said the Nielsen beverage expert Christiane stucco.

Most often the consumers engage in shopping in the supermarket or at the discount store, still to ground coffee. On the classic around the half of the commercially implemented amount of coffee to be accounted for. On the second place in the Ranking of the Whole bean, which accounts for about a quarter of the Total sales were accounted for. Soluble coffee and coffee pods followed in positions three and four. Coffee capsules are occupied, with a five percent of the sales volume for the last rank. Because of their relatively high price they were for around 14 percent of sales.

“We have observed that especially the coffee portioned in the case of the German is becoming more and more popular,” said Stuck. This is true for coffee capsules but also for Whole-bean products for coffee machines.

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