Eleven-year-old brings the child of her rapist to the world – abortion was prohibited

In the case of a raped Eleven-year-old people are accused rights organization Amnesty International, the health authorities of Argentina, to have the girl a legal abortion is denied. So you have violated the rights of the girl hard, in the statement Amnestys from Thursday.

The eleven-year-old was in a hospital in the Northern Argentine province of Tucumán in the 23. Week of pregnancy by caesarean section. The case was but was by the authorities five weeks before, having been captured to a time at which a legal abortion is still possible.

In Argentina, the termination of pregnancy is permitted in special cases, such as after rape. In a particularly conservative provinces it occurred, but repeatedly, that the were not actually followed the processes provided for by the rape of Minors.

Baby with low chances of Survival

A Prosecutor had instructed the clinic of the Eleven-year-old, the pregnancy is not interrupted, said the Minister of health, Rossana Chahla on Thursday, the newspaper "La Gaceta de Tucumán". It would have to be brought in therefore, Doctors to the surgery. The 600 gram Baby had a low chance of Survival. The eleven-year-old girl was in a satisfactory state of health.

"If we had not operated, would you gestorben", said a treating Doctor. The body of the Eleven-year-old had not yet been ripe for a pregnancy. She had been associated with high blood pressure in the operating room.