Escape Hour games help identify conflict resolution skills of players

While businesses of all sizes would like to have good relations with their customers and business associates, it is often not possible because of multiple reasons. The business would like to maximize the price and profits from the products it is selling, while the customer would like to get the lowest price. Also customers are some times not happy with the service or product they received, and will complain directly to the business or elsewhere, damaging the reputation of the company. Hence it is important that employees dealing with customers have good conflict resolution skills, or at least the business should be able identify which employees handle conflict well, so they can be assigned work accordingly.

Usually it is difficult for the business to accurately assess how the employees will handle adverse business conditions and conflict. Playing escape games at Escape Hour is one of the best ways for a business to assess the various skills of their employees, especially dealing with conflict. The employees on the can be given tickets for the escape game, where they will be confined to the locker room for a period of one hour with their team. During this period the team should work together to find clues, solve riddles, puzzles, find the information required to exit the quest room if they wish to win the game.

While playing the escape game, the team members are likely to face difficulties since they have only a limited amount of time available. They also have to divide the work like searching the escape room for clues, solving the puzzles which has to be done, so that they exit the room within the allocated one hour period. Observing the behavior of the team members while working will each other, will give an indication of how each member will handle the conflict. Some members will be able to handle conflict well, so that they contribute while others may argue with other team members, mock them resulting in wastage of time.

In both the major cities in Alberta, Edmonton as well as Calgary, Escape Hour has a dedicated game master for each escape game, who is monitoring the team playing the escape game closely. The game master is very experienced and has monitored a large number of escape games with different teams. Hence he will be able to provide feedback to the business which has hired the escape room for its employees, on the personality traits of its employees. This will help identify the employees who be able to deal with conflict in a better way.