Every second sleeps poorly during the week – this little Trick can improve sleep

47 percent of Germans suffer from poor sleep quality

Almost half of the German population suffers from Mondays to Fridays under a poor quality of sleep. At the weekend, only 27 percent of the complaints, however, even on vacation, only 23 per cent of the population over sleep problems. This is evident from a recent survey with over 5,000 Participants. A sleep expert reveals a simple Trick, such as the sleep can be during the week, 30 percent improve.

The market research firm YouGov recently conducted on behalf of IKEA Germany, a representative survey on the sleep quality of the Germans. This showed that 47 percent of Participants sleep during the week was mediocre to bad and the next Morning sleep-deprived. Sleep expert Dr. Guy Meadows of the Sleep School in London sees the Smartphone as the main culprit for this development.

Lack of sleep hygiene is compensated by Doping

As the current survey shows, is triggered by a bad quality of sleep, an unhealthy vicious circle. 44 percent of the respondents stated that to combat your fatigue with sugary Snacks. 33 percent consume a lot of caffeine to survive the day. 17 percent of Participants have not reported because of severe fatigue, been sick, because you were able to do their daily tasks.

These factors affect sleep

Stress, Worry, uncomfortable beds, noise, and light – these are all factors that have a negative effect on healthy sleep. “Especially electronic devices such as Smartphones on the bed to ensure that the quality of sleep is reduced during the week by about 30 percent,” stress, sleep researchers.

Sleep has a low priority

Although 67 percent of the respondents reflect regularly on your sleep, does not enjoy the necessary recovery phase, the attention she deserves. Before sleep, daily work, leisure time with family and friends, food, and sports and Hobbies. Thus, the importance of sleep is only on place 5 of the priority list.

The Smartphone bears most of the blame on poor sleep

“We are increasingly exposed to strong influences our sleep behindern“, sleep researcher, Dr. Guy Meadows, the Director of the Sleep School in London explained. He referred to the phone as a regular “pocket sun”. A view of the transmission to a later hour on the Smartphone a Signal to the brain to be awake, if we want to actually sleep.

Two hours before going to Sleep, the phone turn off

Sleep researchers and other professionals therefore recommend, the Smartphone is already two hours before bedtime to turn off, so that the body can naturally adjust to the impending sleep. The result is that we Wake up better fall asleep and more relaxed. (vb)