How long open wine remains preserved

You have opened a bottle of good wine, but drink only half of it? The quality of wine just wegzuschütten, it would be a shame – but as long as you can keep the drops? FOCUS Online explains how long open wine remains preserved.

If the wine bottles once opened, the contents in contact with oxygen. It comes to Oxidation, which has the consequence that the wine is, after some time, drinkable. Refrigerator temperatures of about 6 degrees, you can slow down the process.

As long as open Red and white wines, easy to drink

As a General rule: The more full the bottle is, the longer they can be kept. It is only important that the wine is stored in a cold place. A rule of thumb is: Rosé or white wines, which are still about three-quarters full, and should be drunk within the next five days. Reds are still up to seven days edible.

When the white wine bottle is still half filled, it should be in the next three days, used up, for red wines, you have about five days time. The bottle is almost empty, and only about a glass left? Then it is recommended that white wine or rosé wine to drink directly, the next day, for the red wine, you can have two days time.

The edibility extend with a few Tricks

In addition to the suitable temperature you can also do that with other Tricks your opened wine longer. So, make sure that the contact with oxygen is limited. Close the bottle with a screw cap, the act, in Wine or in a drugstore buy.

Another – far more complex – the Trick relies on a vacuum pump. In order to draw the air from the wine bottle.Many wine experts recommend the use of such a pump. The wine will lose its flavor.

A further possibility is to replace the air by using a gas pump by a different gas mixture. Here you have to reckon, however, with some costs, for example, for the gas,. For that, you can make the wine in this way, over a longer period of time durable.