Inner Void to fill: The best tips to fight loneliness

The feeling of loneliness and the desire for stronger emotional bonds occurs in Germany, according to a study by the German society for psychiatry and psychotherapy, psychosomatics and neurology (DGPPN) in ten to 15 percent of the population.

It is not only older, but also younger people are affected.

On the duration of loneliness, and the concomitant feeling of lack of recognition, acknowledgement, and appreciation can make you ill and the Stress caused.

A study has shown that people who live alone and feel lonely, are more prone to mental disorders such as depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

These professional tips make the loneliness bearable:

4 tips from the loneliness researchers

Loneliness researcher John T. Cacioppo suggests in his book, “loneliness. Where she comes from, what it does, how to your escape” four steps to deal with the feeling of being alone in front of: ‘Extend yourself’, ‘Action plan’, the ‘Selection’ and ‘Expect the Best’:

Extend yourself

Who wants to free himself from the loneliness, to be small: even brief conversations in the everyday – in the Bus, in the supermarket, in the stairwell – can help, according to the experts of the DGPPN.

Good starting points for something more intense encounters, volunteering, adult education classes, or sports groups are, for example, also, because there is the likelihood for positive reactions of others is the highest.

Action plan

“I have control over my social Situation” – that should make people feel lonely, aware, and thus of the role of a victim a distance, the Selbvertrauen stimulates.

It is also important to improve the relationship to yourself. For example, by the joy brings about wonderful experiences in the everyday life and even runs care.


Quality is more important than quantity. According to Cacioppos, it is important to maintain a high quality relationship that rests on the same interests and needs, than to have many superficial friendships.

Expect the Best

A positive attitude is not only good for yourself, but also exudes Optimsmus to other people. Through a positive attitude it is easier to reach out to other people, and make new contacts.

These four tips, the Cacioppos in his book, should help to feel less lonely.

Social network to expand

Social networks are a way to get in more contact with other people. You are a blessing and a curse at the same time. On the one hand, the threshold is here for communication are significantly lower: By Facebook groups, instagram messages, and co., you can interact easily with other people.

On the other hand, the danger of further isolation increases through intensive use of such networks but. Researchers were able to find out in a study that people are much into social media on-the-go, often feel lonely.

Digital Detox helps against loneliness

The banishment of Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat from everyday life or a reduction in the use can also help to feel less alone:

“If you used a little less Social Media, as it does, it usually improves depression and loneliness significantly. If you look at the lives of others, especially on Instagram, you can easily draw the conclusion that the life of all other cooler and better than yours,” says Melissa Hunt, Director of clinical training at the Institute for psychology at the University of Pennsylvania.

In case of emergency, seek professional help

Who no longer has the feeling to create such steps, alone, should get professional help. This is especially appropriate when the loneliness is already a Depression has become.

In acute crisis situations 0800/111 0 111), you can turn out to be Concerned, for example, to the free telephone helpline (.

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