Irritable bowel syndrome is often treated incorrectly

According to estimates, up to eleven million adults irritable bowel have suffered symptoms such as diarrhoea, cramps or constipation. The latest Barmer doctor report 2019 shows that there is in the treatment and diagnosis of serious deficits.

A special focus of the Report on the much too frequent use of the image is aimed to give procedure. Computer cat scans (CT) should be used because of high radiation levels actually restrained. However, 9.2 percent of the outpatient and 5.6 percent of the patients in the hospital had received around the time of the diagnosis, a CT scan, although this is in the irritable bowel syndrome of questionable Benefit. A similar picture is shown by the magnetic resonance, cat scans (MRI), which were suitable for the diagnosis of irritable bowel, according to the authors. Nevertheless, on an outpatient basis would have around the diagnosis of 17.1 per cent and in the hospital, 3.2% of patients received an MRI. Many of the sufferers also go through a true doctor Odyssey before receiving the correct diagnosis.

Around 100,000 patients opioid-got-containing painkillers, which is a dependency threatens. Often, patients are also proton pump inhibitors, gastric acid blocker, prescribed. "It is critical that as many people with irritable bowel syndrome stomach erhalten&quot acid blocker;, so Szecsenyi. Actually, you should be for the protection of the stomach against stomach acid. The Benefit of a irritable bowel, however is controversial. "In the treatment, it is particularly important to inform the holistic view of body and spirit. A pure administration of drugs is the wrong Ansatz", study author Prof. Dr. Joachim Szecsenyi says. According to the expert, a multi-disciplinary approach was essential, in the family doctors or internists closely with pain therapists, but also certified nutrition experts worked together. Not the aspect of psychosomatics may be missing, as is the irritable bowel syndrome could also have psychological causes.