Jennifer Lopez And A-Rod Just Shared Their 10-Day Wedding Workout Challenge On YouTube

In case J.Lo and A-Rod didn’t already hold the unofficial title of fittest couple of the year…they’ve certainly earned it after their intense pre-wedding workout challenge.

A-Rod just posted a video on YouTube titled: “SWEATING FOR THE WEDDING,” which opens with A-Rod announcing they’re on “day three” of what’s later revealed to be a 10-day workout challenge (yes, another 10-day challenge). The video wastes no time jumping right into the action, set to the music of J.Lo’s upbeat song “Dinero.”

In the first gym scene, the two warm up on the elliptical, rocking a matching pair of trash-bag-looking jumpsuits, which A-Rod explains are “sweet sweat suits” that are “supposed to make us sweat.”

After some more cardio machines for a warmup, their workout really takes off (no more sweat suits, though, sorry to disappoint). With the help of their trainers, the couple conquers triceps pulldowns, lying cable flies, Roman chair abs extensions, lat pulldowns…and so so much more.

But these two didn’t miss a chance to keep things fun. At one point, J.Lo takes a quick dance break mid-workout and tries to teach A-Rod a couple of smooth moves. (Let’s just say, he may need a few more lessons from the World Of Dance host before their big day.)

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Todays workout: ??‍♀️????‍♂️ . . . 1️⃣ SEATED DUMBELL CURLS? Jen: 10|15|20, 35|21|14 AR: 20|30|40, 35|21|14 . 2️⃣ ARNOLD PRESS? Jen: 10|15|20, 35|21|14 AR: 20|30|40, 35|21|14 . 3️⃣ SIDE LAT? Jen: 10|15|20, 35|21|14 AR: 20|30|40, 35|21|14 . 4️⃣ REAR CABLE LAT? Jen: 20|25|30, 35|21|14 AR: 40|45|50, 35|25|14 . 5️⃣ UPRIGHT ROWS? Jen: 20|25|30, 35|21|14 AR: 40|45|40, 35|21|14 . 6️⃣ LAT PULLS? Jen: 90|95|90, 35|21|14 AR: 90|105|120, 35|21|14 . 7️⃣ NOSE BREAKERS? Jen: 20|30|40, 35|21|14 AR: 40|50|70, 35|21|14 . 8️⃣ TRICEP PUSHDOWNS? Jen: 40|45|70, 35|21|14 Alex: 70|90|120, 35|21|14 . . . ❌FINISHER❌ Yoga and stretch at @trufusion_coralgables ♨️??‍♂️? . . . ?DINNER? Salad, grass-fed steak and baked sweet potato. With some? for Jen and #Presidente? for me. ? Cheers!

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The video also shows the couple demo-ing some floor work—like donkey kicks, situps, and punches—and J.Lo doesn’t shy away from strapping on heavy ankle weights. “Give me the big one,” she tells her trainer in the video, before A-Rod mentions he can’t use ankle weights after two hip surgeries. “But your hips work perfectly,” J.Lo teases back. (Talk about some tough love!)

This certainly isn’t the first time the iconic couple hit the gym together. A-Rod regularly posts videos of their workouts at Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach, California. A-Rod and J.Lo are also obsessed with the workout studio TruFusion, which offers a blend of hot yoga and boot camp.

A-Rod’s latest BTS video ends with him talking directly into the camera and stating: “Champions start in the f***ing weight room. Let’s go!”

Dang…these two do NOT mess around. Congrats to the happy (and fit) couple!

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