Kate Hudson Does Crazy-Hard Push-Ups to Tone Up: ‘Getting Stronger!’

The actress is focused on losing her post-baby weight

Leave it to Kate Hudson to take push-ups to a whole new level.

The 39-year-old actress shared a video from her workout on Friday, where she did a super complicated — and likely super effective — version of a push-up. With her left leg out to the side, Hudson goes down to the floor and then pushes up into a down dog and sticks her left leg into the air.

Hudson powers through four of the push-ups in the video, with her back and arm muscles looking ripped.

“Gettin stronger….! @nicolewinhoffer kicking my ? ,” she captioned the video on Instagram.

Her longtime trainer Nicole Winhoffer reposted Hudson’s video, and said that she calls the move “The Serpent.”

“Low Impact Dynamic Stretch Toning activates our fascia and reshapes our bodies in new ways,” Winhoffer added. “Also it’s really sexy.”

A few of Hudson’s famous friends chimed in to share their amazement at her moves in the comments.

Brooklyn Decker said, “My toothpick arms would collapse and I would die.”

Hangover star Ed Helms joked: “Wow. I can’t do that. I just tried and I wound up pulling 9 muscles, tearing 2 ligaments and farting a little.”

And Vampire Diaries’s Nina Dobrev added: “Get. It. Gurllllll.”

Hudson, who gave birth to her third child, daughter Rani Rose, in October, is determined to “shed 25 lbs.” before she starts filming a new movie in the spring. To reach that goal, she’s working out consistently and also joined WW as their new ambassador in December.

“It came at a perfect time for me, because at this point after having three babies it’s like sense memory. You want to start getting back into shape and to get strong again and focus on your own personal health,” she told PEOPLE. “It’s hard when you have babies. Everyone comes before you, and you have to find that time to just focus in on yourself.”

Luckily, Hudson said that she loves the “challenge” of moving her body.

“I enjoy being disciplined. I enjoy being athletic, and I enjoy being active. So for me it’s actually kind of a fun time to challenge my body again in certain ways,” she says. “After pregnancy, getting your body back into shape for me — especially in fitness — finding my stomach muscles again and pushing myself a little bit harder sometimes are things that I enjoy.”

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