Most Britons in the dark about dangerous microplastics in coffee cups

Pouring coffee into a takeaway cup releases 25,000 microplastics in just 15 minutes.

The plastic lining in disposable paper coffee cups also releases toxic heavy metals such as lead, chromium and cadmium, revealed researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology.

Ingesting microscopic-sized plastic particles has been linked with an increased risk of cancer, heart problems and infertility.

The warning came as a survey found three in five Britons were not aware they could be gulping down harmful microplastics with their daily coffee.

The Yonder poll of 2,000 adults also found 54 per cent did not know disposable paper cups had a plastic lining.

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Paul Alberts, creator of the compostable Jungle Cup, commissioned the poll. He said: “It is worrying people don’t know their daily takeaway coffee comes with a dose of toxic microplastics.

“Particularly for pregnant women and children, ingesting high volumes of microplastics is a real concern.”

A quarter of one per cent of disposable paper cups are recycled in the UK.

Maria Westerbos, Founder and Director of Plastic Soup Foundation said: “Every aspect of our lives is touched by the toxic impact of plastic pollution. We have become accustomed to using an indestructible material for single-use purposes, that is not only destroying our planet but is poisoning our bodies.

“The solutions to this problem are there. We must transition to a future in which sustainable plastic free materials are the norm. It is this that will protect not only our environment but the health of humankind and future generations.”  

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