‘My greatest fear!’ Healthy Anthea Turner’s shock diagnosis in her late 50s

When Anthea Turner underwent a bone scan she was shocked to discover she had osteopenia and was considered high risk for osteoporosis of the spine and at risk of osteoporosis in her hips.

The now 63-year-old was only in her late 50s, and had followed a healthy, fit lifestyle.

She has revealed: “I’ve always considered myself to be very healthy.

“I’ve never followed any restrictive diets, I’ve always exercised and I don’t smoke or take drugs. I did know, however, that I was in a high risk category because of my small frame and I was aware of the fact that my vitamin D levels were probably low as I try to avoid the sun.

“A lot of women in my age group stand in front of the mirror and we spend a lot of time studying our wrinkles, looking for new grey hairs or complaining that we have put on weight. But what we forget is that our bones are also ageing.

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“We don’t think about what’s going on inside our bodies because we can’t see it.

“When you start to get towards your 50s I think you have to thank the Lord for good health and if you’ve got good health then don’t abuse it.”

She said she has changed her diet to remove as much sugar as possible and to eat more oily fish, started taking medication and supplements, and continued exercising.

She continued: “I feel fantastic and don’t look or feel my age, but my DEXA scan shows that bone loss is a silent health issue that could have a dramatic impact on my life left undetected and untreated.

“My greatest fear is to be inactive, so I’m fully prepared to put up a fight on this one, encouraging others in the danger zone to do the same.”

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