Naturopathy: Natural help protect against the flu and colds

What can be put contrary to the natural healing of the flu

The cold Season is naturally the peak season for flu and colds. Not everyone wants to, however, Influenza vaccination. In addition, there are some Places in Germany are not sufficient vaccines and the vaccination offers no one hundred percent protection. What Alternatives are available? A Naturopathy-a Professor explains about the possibilities.

Professor Dr. med. Peter W. Gündling is the Dean for the master’s program in Naturopathy and Complementary medicine at the Carl Remigius Medical School. He explains the potential of Natural medicine to protect against flu and colds (influenza).

Healthy diet and exercise are the best conditions

First of all, Natural medicine expert, addresses the topic of preventive measures: “if you want to build a natural protective barrier against viruses, has a whole range of possibilities,” said the Professor. Who eat healthy and regularly in the fresh air, moving, bring good conditions. In particular, the diet should be rich in Vitamin C and plenty of fruits and vegetables contain. Because a healthy diet is the most potent activator of the immune system.

Not to late to eat in the evening

Dr. Gündling reported, should not be taken with the meals, however, late in the evening. “This disturbs the intestine, which is home to the largest part of our immune system,” explains the Professor. A further measure, which puts the immune system on its toes, according to the experts, regular visits to the sauna. A once or twice in the week, a classic Finnish Sauna for the rich to visit completely in order to achieve a positive effect. These measures were generally known. The Natural medicine has to offer but still some methods, which not everyone knows.

The growing of the foot

Generally, water applications were, in the view of Gündling advisable. As a suitable method, the Professor calls the rising foot. Here, the feet are immersed in warm water (34 degrees Celsius). “The water should be just below the knee,” says the naturopath. Then you should be slowly added over a period of 10 to 20 minutes of warm water, until a temperature of around 43 degrees Celsius is achieved. “In this application, the blood vessels slowly open and the entire immune system is activated,” explains Gündling. It is important, however, that the temperature was rising slowly. Otherwise, it would pull the wires together, if the water is too hot. For a reinforcing effect could be thyme or mustard flour.

Autologous blood treatment and high doses of Vitamin C

A rather unknown and preventive treatment from the Naturopathy, the so-called self-blood therapy. A small amount of blood is taken from the Arm, and then back into the gluteal muscle is injected. Optionally, the blood could be treated also with homeopathic remedies. A further recommendation of the expert treatments with high doses of Vitamin C. the Vitamin can be taken directly into the bloodstream and acting so much stronger. “This method can be used both preventively as well as therapeutically for the application,” stresses the Naturopathy expert.

What to do when the first symptoms are already there?

Also used to treat a cold the natural healing has to offer to the customer some of the measures. According to Gündling Cistus extracts have a strong anti-viral effect. “As soon as you feel a scratchy throat or a tingling sensation in the nose, should I take a suck pastille”, so his recommendation. In many cases, this stopped the infection. Geranium extract is another effective remedy, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and mucus-acting expectorant. Such preparations could be obtained in the pharmacy.

A similar effect as a vaccination

“With these measures, all the viruses can not neutralize, but at least a large part,” explains Gündling. The remaining virus-creating the immune system alone. So would form at the same time anti-body in a natural way. “So that we can have a similar effect as in the case of a vaccination,” says the naturopath. (vb)