New Pseudowut in the case of wild boar, proven – risk of Infection for dogs and cats

Aujeszky’s disease in wild boar detected: danger for the dog and cat

In lower Saxony, has been detected in a wild boar, Aujeszky’s disease (ad). For people with the disease, which is also referred to as a “Pseudowut” is, apparently, harmless. However, for dogs and cats is an infection ends deadly.

Pseudowut in southern lower Saxony

In the district of Northeim (southern lower Saxony) has been detected in a wild boar, Aujeszky’s disease (ad). The disease, which is also referred to as a “Pseudowut”, according to current knowledge, safe for human beings. For dogs and cats, the infection is fatal.

Danger to Pets

According to a notice from the district of Northeim, the Aujeszky’s disease (ad) has been detected in a wild boar from the district wool Brecht Hausen for the first time in the district of Northeim.

The infectious disease Occurrence in wild swine also means a risk for domestic pigs.

In addition, the viral disease can infect dogs and cats.

“In these species infection is always fatal! The meat-eaters can become ill through the ingestion of blood or raw meat of infected pigs“, – stated in the message.

“For the people, however, the Virus is according to the current state of knowledge about, so there is no danger due to the consumption of processed and passes to the garden, wild boar products,” said the veterinary office at the Landratsamt Haßberge (Bavaria) many years ago.

Intense Itching

Dogs become ill a few days after the infection. Clear signs of the disease is an intense itching.

The dogs, rubbing, licking and scratching and deep skin wounds. In addition, swallowing difficulties occur, the frothy saliva at the mouth.

It can also be affected refusal to Feed, and paralysis.

“The disease of rabies are similar to those,” writes the lower Saxony state office for consumer protection and food safety (Laves) on its website.

Contacts with wild boars avoid

“In order to protect against infection with the causative agent of Aujeszky’s disease in dogs and cats should only be used with fully cooked meat from domestic pigs and wild boar fed on,” says Dr. Siegfried Orban, head of the Department of food inspection and veterinary services in the district of Northeim.

The contact with infected wild pigs, and Share shot, which shall be animals also pose a risk of infection for dogs.

In order to prevent possible contacts with wild boars and to a infection, should dogs in the forest and the field, or where wild pigs live, security will be half-kept on a leash. (ad)