Office everyday: So helpful movement at your Desk

The number of those working in Germany in a Sitting position, rises through the ongoing digitization – and thus the risk of damage to Health through lack of exercise.

The Institute for Osh of the German social accident insurance (IFA) and the German sport University in Cologne have now in a joint case study with the "Deutsche Telekom AG" demonstrated that movement-building work stations in the office can be physically and psychologically beneficial.

Sitting for long periods has health consequences

Long periods of Sitting increase the likelihood for chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system, type II Diabetes, Obesity, musculoskeletal complaints by physical sub-claim and one-sided attitudes, stated in a communication to the study. In addition, psychological effects such as depression or lack of drive to be observed.

In order to find long-term solutions for the lack of movement on the job, tested the researchers two novel types of devices – Desk, ergo meters "Deskbike" and the under-table appliance "activeLifeTrainer" – with regard to their Suitability in the real office world of work.

30 office employees of Deutsche Telekom AG were able to test four devices of each type over a period of 28 days. A further 28 Employees – without the ability to use these devices – were as a control group.

During the test phase, the circulation and usage behavior of the group, the physiological effects of the use of both device types measured, as well as the use of motivation and perceived practicality studied. In addition, effects of the use have been analysed on the General and work-related well-being.

Movement, with the effect

The study shows that the dynamic workstations were used on 40 percent of days within an average of 54 minutes per day. The energy sales and the heart rate of the Tester is increased during the use of the stations in comparison to Working in a Sitting position significantly.

Both work stations were perceived by the Participants as well can be used in the office. They felt through the use in their work interfered with, and were motivated to use the stations.

An improvement in the General well-being showed a two – to-three times usage per week.

“Standard market approaches to promoting physical activity associate with the Desk and computer to work with easy wheeled movements. The results of our study show that this movement-enhancing work stations actually have a positive impact on health,“ says Professor Dr. Rolf Ellegast, Deputy IFA head.

Office of the future?

The results of the study suggest that regular exercise can prevent conditions at the Desk in the build – up of Stress and Strain.

Who sits jobbedingt only at the Desk, may not be able to create in the future, only in the leisure compensation. For companies, it is worth it, in fact, in the long term is always to invest in the health of their employees.

To the first movement AIDS in the offices of the Federal Republic of Germany, so it can be only a matter of time…

The Video shows how you pauses now and fill can

Judith Kerstgens

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