Pharmaceutical company recalls products because of labelling errors

The pharmaceutical company Pure Pharma BmbH & Co. KG has launched several products in the blood pressure and heart drug Candesartan. Reason for this is a labelling error in the thickness of the tablets.

As with the previous two Candesartan-return to the indication of the strength of the blisters is apparently correct. The error, however, relates to the indication of the strength on the carton: 32 mg/12.5 mg instead of 32 mg/25 mg.

The error information of the thickness, it can come to a stop taking hydrochlorothiazide 25 mg instead of 12.5 mg of hydrochlorothiazide, increasing the risk of an increased diuresis and reduction in blood pressure cannot be excluded.

Candesartan-comp PURE 32 mg/25 mg 98 tablets
Candesartan-comp PURE 32 mg/12.5 mg 98 tablets

Batch number: JDSB18002-A, JDSB18003-A, JDSB18004-A, JDSB18005-A, JDSB18006-A, JDSB18007-A, JDSB18008-A, JDSB18009-A, JDSB18010-A, JDSB18011-A, JDSB18011-C, JDSB18012-A, JDSB18013-A, JDSB18015-A.

The pharmaceutical company is asking pharmacies to inform their customers of the supplements. Affected medicines to lock of pharmacies and wholesale immediately from the sale.

The initial delivery of the affected goods was made on 16. Of July 2018.

For questions the company is ready to stand by phone call 0800 2282847.