Product recall in SENS Food: Dangerous bacteria in the protein bars found

The "Sens Foods GmbH" call your "Sens Pleasure Protein" Protein bar in the flavor "Dark cherry and Grillenmehl&quot chocolate, sour; from the sale back.

Reason for the recall, according to "Product" Microorganisms of the type Bacillus cytotoxicus. This can poison the contaminated food, and for the people be harmful to health.

The article is in the Sens the Pleasure in Protein protein bar with the taste in the direction of "Dark chocolate & Sour cherry & Grill flour" and the date of minimum durability from the 31.05.2020 , as well as the batch number L / 190509ECSC.

From the consumption of the affected bar is strongly discouraged.

SENS protein bars from the grill flour results in a total of four flavors. In addition to the bars, the young company also produces flour, crackers and bread on insect base.

Spread of the bacterium at about 65 degrees is not possible

In the case of the Bacillus cytotoxicus it is a food poisoning bacterium, which occurs mainly in cooked rice.

The spores of this Bacillus species can survive the boiling water and multiply if the environment is kept below 65 degrees Celsius warm.

The spread can be prevented by the food is cooled after cooking, quickly or above 65 degrees Celsius hot to be held.

However, it can get on fine earth or dust particles in other foods.

Cornelia Bertram

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