Radiation risk: Unnecessary x-ray examinations should be avoided

Experts advise to avoid unnecessary x-ray applications

Again and again, experts point out that health hazards by x-ray. Finally, such studies are associated with a risk of Radiation. Often, other methods can help in the diagnosis.

X-ray passport must be provided

Doctor’s offices and hospitals are no longer required since the new year, by law, to provide patients an x-ray pass and x-ray examinations in such a enter. The Federal office for radiation protection (BfS) advises, however, to lead the received radiation diagnostic examinations book. This includes, in addition to x – ray and nuclear medical applications. In addition, the experts recommend to have procedures in place to inform, for which no x-ray radiation or radio-active substances are used. The diagnostic ultrasound and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging).

To unnecessary repetition of examinations do without

“We assume that any x-ray examination with a certain, albeit low, radiation is associated risk,” said the President of the BfS, Inge Paulini.

“In the sense of the precautionary radiation protection should therefore be avoided every unnecessary x-ray examination,” said the expert.

“The BfS recommends that patients lead to a document in the doctor’s offices and hospitals, voluntarily x – ray and nuclear medical examinations are to be registered,” said Paulini.

“In order for a comparison with previous recordings can be made and unnecessary repeat investigation be dispensed with.”

Every German is x-rayed an average of 1.7 Times per year

The information, according to the medical treatments of ionizing radiation to a significant extent, to the artificial radiation exposure of the population.

In Germany are conducted annually for approximately 135 million x-ray examinations, on average, each German citizen will be x-rayed so 1.7 Times per year.

The resulting radiation load is according to the BfS at around 1.6 Millisievert.

For comparison: The average natural radiation exposure that is exposed to a Person in this country on average in the year, is 2.1 Millisievert.

The benefit must be greater than the risk

A radiodiagnostic application should only be performed if all of the previously collected findings have been carefully assessed and it is established that this x – ray or nuclear medicine investigation is a more value.

This follows from the legally prescribed so-called justified indication: according to a radiation diagnostic measure is justified only if the Patient from the study Benefit, must be greater than the risk.

Even if the x-ray passport is no longer legally required, the BfS has on its website a document available for Download that can continue to be for a personal documentation. (ad)