Recall: the manufacturer has to call you back in a dangerous Tattoo ink

The manufacturer calls back tattoo color due to heavy metal stress

The health Department discovered recently in the framework of random two common tattoo colors samples, the excessive levels of the harmful heavy have metal Nickel. The Federal office for consumer protection and food safety, as well as the manufacturer is no longer now call all the Tattoo Shops to use these colors.

The manufacturer of the “Premier Products GmbH” from Danish Hagen calls back two tattoo ink colors that may not be used. It is the color of “Intenze – Terrar de Sienna” in the 30 Milliliter bottle with the LOT number SS227, as well as the color of “Intenze – Dark brown“ (dark brown) in the 30 Milliliter bottle with the LOT number SS261.

Unclear Justification

The manufacturer asks all the tattoo artist, the colors of the “Premier Products GmbH”, report immediately to the Support of the company. The affected colors are not allowed to be used for the tattoo. The reasons for the recall are currently unclear. The manufacturer speaks of a “discontinuity of composition”, the Federal office of consumer protection announced an increased Nickel content as the reason for the recall. As the Nickel loading is, in fact, is not called.

What are the dangers of Nickel?

According to the Federal environmental Agency, Nickel is regarded as Allergy triggers. In sensitized individuals, contact with Nickel-inflammatory skin can induce changes in the itchy skin rash and skin redness, blisters and Pustule formations to scaly skin. The European food safety authority also refers to animal studies that have shown that long-term exposure to Nickel can have an impact on reproduction and development. (vb)