Sausage recall in the case of Rewe and Penny foreign body in the product found

Reason for the recall is up to 2 mm large, black plastic parts or pieces of a metal clip, which can be located in the products. The sausages were sold at a Penny, and Rewe. Are affected:


VIENNA SAUSAGES, Mühlenhof, 400g date of minimum durability: 02.02.19 and 03.02.19

Mühlenhof QS Mini Wiener, Mühlenhof, 320gexpiration date: 06.02.19 and 07.02.19

Mühlenhof QS ham, sausage, 400g date of minimum durability 02.02.19 to 04.02.19

REWE markets

Sausage, offered at the counter offer period of 15.01.19 to 24.01.2019

YES! QS Mini Wiener, 320g expiration date: 05.02.19 to 07.02.19

Affected product already purchased?

Other batches are not affected by the recall. The two supermarket chains have responded ready and the concerned article from the range. Customers who have purchased the product is ready, it can give the branches back and get the purchase price refunded.

Any Further Questions?

If you have any further questions, please contact us by E-Mail ([email protected]) or by phone at 069/420982 – 9911* or 069/420982 – 9912*to the customer service of the company.