“Side effects were dramatically”: Ex-ZDF-Moderator experimented with steroids

Ernst-Marcus Thomas worked for many years successfully as a facilitator, particularly prominent at the “ARD-Buffet” and the “ZDF television garden”. With his body the “easy weight” but never really satisfied. He started with the muscle-workout – and made a fatal mistake: An Experiment with steroids led to drastic side effects.

Since 1998, Seriously-to see Marcus Thomas as a Moderator in public broadcasts. At the same time he spent a lot of time in the gym. The latter showed but little success. “I totally trained wrong,” he said in an interview with the “world”. “And my diet was completely unsuitable to build muscle.” Now he has the hang of it and written a book about it.

In “From the easy weight to muscle machine – as I do as a Hardgainer to the muscle package was” describes Thomas, making him the power of sports has brought and what mistakes he made. “In 2008 I got a call from ZDF, to the presenter of the ‘TV-garden’, the Feedback that you would have liked to see more physical presence from me,” said the Moderator. dpa/Michael Kappeler Ernst-Marcus Thomas has been a counselor on the topic of desire to be a Professional Moderator and moderation Coach for the ARD-ZDF-media Academy.

Muscle building is hard work

In the meantime, has changed Thomas dramatically: The 44-Year-old to put on 16 pounds and no longer wants to dispense with his Training. “When I was thin, I had, in the truest sense of the word, the feeling, that to me is a lot of things went just under the skin or to the bone,” he explained. “Now you bounce off my muscles literally.” Five Times per week, he was training now.

For this he had to do a lot of His diet for the muscle-building switch, counting calories, and its progress documented. Nevertheless, he was beginning to slow and he dared an Experiment: steroids. “A lot of other strength athletes, the topic of brackets, like completely, even in their books,” says Thomas. “I’ve decided to write openly about it.”

Thomas about steroids: “This stuff is Shit!”

Three months of Moderator I want to try the steroids, after two months, he’d dropped out of the Experiment. “The side effects were drastic. My whole back was full of pimples, I had sweats and slept no more night,” he said of the “world”. “In addition, gynecomastia was formed in my chest, the mammary gland is enlarged.”

His opinion on the alleged “shortcut” in muscle building: “This stuff is Shit! It is poison! Even if you would get it in pharmaceutical grade from the pharmacy it should take none. And the stuff out of the ground and not at all,“ said Thomas. The long-term effects are often devastating. Proper Training need his time, steroids were a mistake.

Beginners advises Thomas to plan your diet, such as a military Operation. “You should leave nothing to chance”, the passionate power athlete. “Many leave everything to chance.” He is self-documenting meticulously each of his training sessions. “Many will always remember Pi times thumb, how much you managed last Time, when you bench press. This is too vague,“ said Thomas.