Stiftung Warentest: Many lip balms are heavily loaded with oil

Anyone who regularly uses pencils, lip care, swallows average of four pins per year. Therefore, you should make sure, what are the ingredients in the products.

19 products with petroleum impacted

The Stiftung Warentest has examined 35 lip care products. In 19 of them, the testers found the petroleum-based ingredients – so-called Mosh (Mineral oil saturated hydrocarbons) and Moah (Mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbons). The Foundation reported in its magazine “test” (issue 3/2017).

Under the loaded care products of well-known brands were pins. The testers recommend that instead of such Produkter better to use natural cosmetics. They should contain no petroleum-based ingredients. Pollutant-free products from Cien (Lidl), Balea (dm) or Bepanthol were in the Test.

Stiftung Warentest had found in the summer of 2015 pollutants in lip care. Chapstick, Blistex and Carmex have been reduced since the Moah content, Lidl have completely switched over from mineral oil to vegetable fats.