Study: Sauna reduces the risk of stroke

In the Sauna, many can leave the stress of everyday life behind. The sauna not only for relaxation, but also the health benefits. You can avoid even a stroke, according to a recent study by the University of Bristol in the journal Neurology.

Healthy sweating: a Sauna, lowers stroke risk

The scientists Setor K. Kunutsor evaluated data of 1,623 Finns to explore a connection between the sauna and the risk of stroke. The study participants were between 53 and 74 years old. The result of the study: subjects who walked the most frequently in the Sauna (4-7 times a week), patients in the following 15 years less frequently or not at all of a stroke. They showed a 60 percent lower risk of stroke than participants who saunierten only once a week.

So healthy is the gear in the Sauna

How can we explain this to us? Regular Sauna-course reduce, apparently, the blood pressure. This could have a positive impact on stroke risk, Kunutsor. Previous studies have already shown that sauna can reduce the risk for high blood pressure and dementia.

However, it has yet to be explored, to what extent the findings to other forms of heat therapy such as infra-red treatments, steam baths or hot baths. In addition, the study shows no comparison between a Sauna-users and Non-users. Healthy sweating is all what you need in a Sauna-visit note, you can read here.

Julia Are

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