The 20-minute workout: Full-body HIIT

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Looking for a quick and efficient workout to blast through your Saturday morning?

Our weekly 20-minute workouts are the perfect way to start your weekend with a bang, and add some movement to you day – with minimal effort.

With no equipment needed, you can do these workouts in your living room, or on the gym floor – wherever suits you best.

While 20-minutes may not seem like a long time, short, sharp workouts can make a big impact and help you achieve your fitness goals in a fun and accessible way.

This High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout was created by trainer and owner of F45 Camden, Palomie Patel and trainer Evie Cant.

Full-body HIIT workout:

Complete 4 rounds of the below exercises, doing 35 seconds of the exercise and taking 15 seconds rest in between each one. 

1 inchworm and 2 prisoner squats

Start in a standing position with the feet hip-width apart.

Walk your hands out in front of you to a high plank position, and then a little further past your shoulders so you feel a stretch through your core.

Walk them back in and come back to a standing position, trying to keep your legs straight for as long as possible.

After each of these inchworms, complete 2 prisoner squats where you place your hands on the back of your head and lower your body down with your knees at 90 degrees.

Squeeze your glutes as you stand back up. 

Mountain climbers 

Start in a high plank position and then drive alternating knees in towards your chest, keeping your hips low and core engaged.

Squat pulses

Start in a standing position with your feet hip width apart, and then lower your body down as if you’re sitting on a chair behind you with your knees at 90 degrees and the weight in your heels.

Move your body up and down in a small range, trying not to straighten the legs for the full set.

Butterfly crunches

Start lying on your back with the soles of your feet together and knees out wide.

Take your hands above your head and then use your core to pull yourself up and reach your hands just past your toes. 

10 high knees and 1 tuck jump

Start in a standing position and drive your knees up towards your chest for 10 reps each side.

Then set both feet on the ground, dip your body down a little and explode up keeping your back straight and tucking your knees in towards your chest for 1 rep. 

Shoulder taps

Start in a high plank position, and then bring one hand to the opposite shoulder, trying to keep your hips steady and parallel to the ground.

Keep alternating between each hand. 

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