The 5 best chest exercises

Solid and well-defined bibs …

… they are surely the dream of many people!

And since you are reading this article, it seems that you are among them too. I am very pleased!

This means that you appreciate your body and want to get a proportionate and well-sculpted body.

I’m right?

Congratulations on your reasoning!


  1. The effective training with which dreams come true
  2. Breastplates large and small
  3. Don’t be a slave to your ego
  4. Bib exercises
    1. Perfect flex
    2. Lizard
    3. Tai – chi style arm lift
    4. Under the wave
    5. Double flexion with a few seconds stop


But knowing that these exercises are far from simple and that sometimes we don’t know what to pay more attention to, I decided to reveal the methenolone acetate thanks to which you will specifically work this part of the body, obtaining remarkable results.


Before I introduce you to the bib exercises of today, however, I must talk to you about a factor that often represents a real obstacle.

Since they don’t realize their importance, many people don’t pay too much attention to some extremely important elements of this workout.


Bibs are made up of

  • large muscle ( pectoralis major ) and dal
  • small muscle ( pectoralis minor ).

This means that you always have to work on both if you want to better sculpt this muscle group.

How to do it?

The situation is very simple.

As you can see in the image, the muscle fibers go in various directions. And since with training you want to stimulate and stimulate these tissues to the maximum, it is essential to do it with specific exercises or movements that work the muscles from various angles.

Find out how to do it today by following the exercises below.

I propose to see immediately how to perform them.

This brutal training consists of 5 time-limited exercises for different bibs.

This means that the exercise must be done for 60 seconds, then move on to the next exercise, without pauses. Each series of exercises is followed by a pause longer than 120 seconds. Repeat the entire series 4 times.


As this is an extremely demanding workout, I warn you that you must always put the correct execution of each exercise first.

Don’t worry if you reach the point where you can no longer perform the exercise for 60 seconds. Let time go by, take a few more seconds to rest, shake your hands and continue with the exercise as soon as you can.

It is important to give your best regardless of how many times you need to rest during the exercise.

Before you take the stopwatch in hand and try your hand at this incredible workout, I recommend that you quickly discover today’s chest exercises.



Training begins with an exercise that we all know but only a few know how to do correctly. From today you will be among these few chosen ones!

Here are the details you need to pay attention to in order to correctly perform each rep.

First, lower your knees, push your toes towards the ground and hold onto your hands. From this position raise your knees and hips off the floor, put your body in a direct line and pay attention to:

  • always have your hands parallel,
  • have your back beautiful straight,
  • tighten the muscles of the trunk and the buttocks to the maximum,
  • form with the trunk and arms an angle that does not exceed 90 degrees.

When you are sure that all the details are well done, then you can check the body and lower it towards the floor and then go back up.

Remember that the head must form a natural extension of the back. And don’t cheat!

The movements must be perfect,

from one point to another of the exercise. Also, take care not to fully extend your elbows and never touch the ground with your body.

If you feel that the exercise is too demanding, support yourself on your knees and do the flexion.


After a minute, lower your knees, breath and briefly shake your arms. The next exercise follows,

or the lizard, in which you work on multiple muscle groups simultaneously and which requires a high level of concentration.

The initial position is the same as for the classic flexion, only this exercise involves the forward movement of the opposite arm and leg with the chest close to the ground.

To do this, slightly bend your leg and bring your knee towards the arm that remains stationary. At this point, return to the starting position and repeat the exercise with the opposite limbs.

Thanks to this movement that works the bibs in a different way you can get excellent results!


I am convinced that today’s third exercise will surprise you.

While sculpting the bibs, in fact, it involves standing.

But believe me: the contraction that your muscles reach is really crazy!

You just have to stabilize the body well, slightly protrude the chest and tighten the forearms against each other.

Make sure that they touch each other, that is, that the palms are turned towards the face.

From this position push your arms as high as possible, always being careful to push hard and keeping your elbows always in close contact, even when you reach the extreme point. If you see that they come off, then you need to slightly decrease the range of movement.


After a minute of constant muscle contraction, it’s time for today’s penultimate exercise.

The name already helps us understand what it could be.

Before you start, go to the upside-down position of the dog: stand on your feet and palms, push your head into your arms and raise your hips to the maximum until you get the right angle between the bottom and top of your body.

Starting from this position, go down with your face towards the ground, avoiding touching an imaginary obstacle placed above your body with your back and always look upwards.

In doing so, push your chest forward, contracting your muscles and arching your back. From here it returns to the initial position following the same procedure.


We end in beauty with a different exercise.

It is the only one of the five proposed not to have a defined duration, but it still puts you to the test. The number of repetitions depends on your will and your physical condition.

Put yourself in the position of the classic flexion, tighten the abdominal muscles and go down to the floor. Reached the extreme point, stop and hold the position for 5 seconds.

Simply do the countdown and then immediately return to the starting position that you will keep for another 5 seconds.

Be careful to keep your body straight and never fully stretch your elbows.

Repeat as long as you can the exercise while remaining in the two rest positions (5 seconds in the final position and as many in the initial position) at regular intervals. Remember to always write down the results – so it will be easier to follow your improvements.

As you can see, thanks to this training you work the bibs in a lot of ways, from different angles and with various movements. Just what we need!
And this is precisely one of the most important aspects of sculpting the bibs.


During the chest exercises always remember to be concentrated to the maximum. If you want to get the desired results, try to think of all the details to be carried out perfectly.

I am aware that you will not be able to see your improvements right away. But remember that practice makes perfect!

Let me know how it went as soon as you finish this workout and, of course, allow yourself your protein drink so essential to regenerate the body and obtain excellent results.


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