The German cancer aid, calls for more E-cigarette bans

Smoking: price increases and extended the prohibitions in planning

Smokers need to make expensive time. The medical Association President Frank Ulrich Montgomery, as well as the Chairman of the Board of the German cancer aid Gerd Nettekoven push for an extension of the tobacco advertising ban on E-cigarettes and tobacco heater, as well as massive tax increases for cigarettes and tobacco.

The “National decade against cancer” has begun, recently announced the Federal Ministry of education and research together with the Federal Ministry of health, the German cancer research center and the German cancer aid. Germany was ban in Europe, the shameful conclusion of the advertising light in terms of tobacco, said Gerd Nettekoven, compared with the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung. This should now be changed.

Prohibitions for tobacco to be attracted to

Despite a year of 120,000 dead by the consequences of tobacco use an extensive ban on tobacco will be discussed still controversial. The German cancer aid wants to walls for a ban on the outdoor advertising on billboards as well as advertising in the cinema, after 18 o’clock as well as a ban on the issuing of free cigarettes during promotional activities. In addition, Nettekoven for a drastic increase in tobacco taxes.

No exceptions for tobacco heater and E-cigarette

According to Nettekoven tobacco the heater and the E cigarette should get no special scheme. According to the Chairman of the Executive Board of the German cancer aid, the prohibitions should apply equally to the tobacco Smoking Alternatives. Even if these products are in comparison to tobacco smoke, low level of pollutant emissions, they mean for their consumers, nevertheless, a risk to health, so Nettekoven. Especially for young people and non-Smoking these products to be a possible way in which nicotine dependency, causing a later switch to classic tobacco would products more likely. As a result, the successes of recent years are at risk in tobacco prevention in a sustainable way.

German cancer aid calls for continuous tax increases

The advertising ban, it should not remain, however. The German cancer aid wants to work for a significant and continuous increase in price, following the model of the French Anti-Smoking policy. In March 2019, the price for a pack of cigarettes was raised in France to € 8.80. In November, 2020, the price should rise again to around ten Euro.

Heart attacks also by E-cigarettes

A recent American study suggests that the use of E-cigarettes linked to an increased risk for the development of heart attacks. In addition, Affected seem to suffer more frequently from depression.

Germany pays billions for smokers

In addition to the loss of human life Gerd Nettekoven also makes the drastic cost attention caused by Smoking. This should amount to at least 80 billion euros per year. About 25 billion Euro would have to spend the healthcare system for both patients and smokers. Would be about 53 billion euros, for production outages and early retirements. In this article, you will find help to Stop Smoking give up! (vb)