The new water filter safe water directly from the tap

Table of contents

  • The smallest water filter that works without the use of chemicals
  • Easy Installation: Simply to the faucet screws
  • The Technology: Multi-Stage Filter Cartridge
  • The maintenance and cleaning
  • The Price
  • All the benefits of the drink pure HOME-Filter at a glance

The smallest water filter that works without the use of chemicals

The water filters drink pure HOME of the so far smallest water filter that can purify water without the use of chemicals of pathogens. Analyses from accredited laboratories to prove that the drink pure HOME reliably removes bacteria (more than 99.9999%) and protozoa and cysts, and viruses (over 99 %) out of the water.

Micro-plastic can be filtered by drink pure HOME easily. Sub-micro plastic refers to plastic parts in the Size between 0.1 and 100 microns. For a Test you had with the micro-plastic contaminated water (particle size 0.4 to 0.6 µm in a concentration of 1000 ppm) divided by the drink pure HOME flow. In the filtered water, no micro-plastic was no longer detectable.

Just as annoying odors (e.g., chlorine), rust, lime, and pesticide residues are removed. Drug residues and hormones are reduced by up to 90 percent.

The result is a soft tasty water, ideal for tea and coffee but also for cooking and for everyday drinking enjoyment.

Easy Installation: Simply to the faucet screws

The Filter can be installed yourself, as it can simply be screwed to all standard fittings (e.g. the kitchen).

The Technology: Multi-Stage Filter Cartridge

The water filter is constructed in several stages:

The maintenance and cleaning

Since activated carbon cartridges must be replaced regularly, this is also when you drink pure HOME of the case. The included cartridge is sufficient for approx. two months or 500 litres. After that, you should be changed, what happened to fast in seconds.

The drink pure membrane needs to be replaced or cleaned.

Who needs with hard water, the softener cartridge will replace this every two months.

The Price

Drink pure HOME there are made of different materials. According to different the price is. The Basic model is made of plastic. The Chrome model made of chrome-plated plastic and Steel model made of stainless steel. The price for the first two is under 100 Euro, which corresponds to an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

Depending on the water consumption, the cost for the replacement to come cartridges. A half-year supply of activated carbon cartridges costs about 90 Euro, three softener cartridges costs about 45 Euro. The replacement of pure-dealers are cartridges in every kind of Drink available.

All the benefits of the drink pure HOME-Filter at a glance

The drink pure HOME water filter offers you the following advantages:

  • 3-times smaller than conventional filter systems on the market
  • Without installer install
  • Without on – Table or under-table devices
  • Easy to install in seconds removable
  • Fits all conventional fittings
  • 99.9999 % bacteria retention
  • 99 % of viruses restraint
  • Reduces odors and pesticides
  • Reduced drug residues and hormones
  • Reduces limescale, if the softener cartridge is inserted
  • Micro-plastic and stainless filtered
  • Filtered Sediments
  • Leaves the natural minerals in the water
  • Easy Handling
  • Up to 500 l of water per cartridge
  • Easily replaceable cartridge
  • Self-disinfecting
  • Reduced plastic waste, because the water you purchase in plastic bottles wegfällt 
  • s w i s s m a d e
  • Unbeatable price/performance ratio, and lowers your water costs up to 1,000 euros per year

For more information about this inexpensive water filters you will find on the page of the merchant. 

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