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Tele-clinic is the App replaces a physical visit to the doctor is called. How does it work, what are the benefits and who can use it, explains the App’s founder, Catherine Younger. A Scratching in the throat, an itchy eye or a tangles in the abdominal area usually starts then, if you don’t have time to spend half the morning in the waiting room or even is out of town.

The App tele-clinic enables the doctor visit via a Smartphone. At any time of day or night. “Our users can contact either a nurse and explain the Problem, or a questionnaire,” explains tele-clinic-founder Katharina Disciples in the FOCUS-Podcast Who if not we?.

Over 200 Doctors treat with tele-clinic

Medical professionals evaluate the symptoms and gives the patient the right medicine field. “Our Users are also asked whether you need quick access to a doctor or to prefer a later date for treatment.”

More than 200 Doctors treat already on tele-clinic. Call Patients, on the basis of images and the conversation on the phone or video chat a diagnosis and are able to issue, if needed, prescriptions and sick notes and digital patient send.

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This was long time not possible as the remote treatment does not prohibition, it allowed Doctors to treat a patient, without having it seen before. However, in October of last year, was voted at the German clinic of this type, the majority of for a relaxation of this prohibition. Since then, the success of the Munich-based Start-ups is to stop barely.

Today, nearly 10 000 people already use regularly tele-clinic. “Especially young parents with their first child and often are confused,” says Younger.

Who can benefit from this App offer, and how the billing is handled via the health insurance companies, you can be listened in the all-new Episode of FOCUS podcast “Who, if not us?” for free.

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