The secret of healthy Ageing

Table of contents

  • Fit and vital older be
  • Four conditions for a healthy Life
  • 1. Stay active
  • 2. Stay positive – think positive
  • 3. Live independently
  • 4. Irreplaceable be
  • Healthy older to eat to be healthy

Fit and vital older be

Many people today are eighty, ninety or even a hundred years old. In Bavaria alone, lives of more than 100,000 women and men beyond the age of ninety, and in 2013 it was in Germany has 17,000 Centenarians.

Not all of them are still healthy and vital. Often chronic diseases, pests, and medications need to be taken. The spirit is not of the fittest, and increasing frailty makes it difficult to provide for themselves in their own household.

At the same time, there are a hundred years old, the jaws are still Cycling, cake and great-grandchildren to babysit. Us and a lady is known, for example, recently celebrated with a noise-Solid one hundred year old birthday. A few days earlier, she had been in her apartment of a grifter surprised. She noticed the mesh, a castle, the impostor in your kitchen and climbed up to the window, because this was the fastest way to the neighbors where the police were able to call. What is the secret of healthy centenarians?

Four conditions for a healthy Life

Scientists of the Friedrich-Alexander-University of Erlangen-could Nürnberg find in a study of 125 elderly women and men who were not in need of care, but in their own four walls and lived there independently for itself, provided that at least four conditions that it needs in order to remain even in old age healthy and well. Particularly surprising that the four factors are:

If all these four conditions are met, the feel of the older people very much younger than they actually are – thus, the answers of respondents aged in the Erlangen study. And even if but one or the other physical Problem should plague, the positive-minded old people have a big power wants to be able to, with which you perform tasks, the peers of people succeed without this inner force.

What are the options now for Individuals to implement the above four points?

1. Stay active

It is clear that the faster it ages, the moved a little and a seated cultivates life-style. To be able to well into old age active and mobile to remain, must not engage in competitive sports. Already daily walks are very well suited, especially as you meet all the other people, as well as fresh air and in the summer, Vitamin D can refuel.

In larger cities there are, moreover, mostly senior citizens offers for Gymnastics, Yoga, or Tai Chi. Who has not this possibility, you can use a Mini-trampoline, which takes place in almost every apartment. Mini-trampolines with handles to Hold on to, so that even people who are not yet so firm, and problems with the sense of balance, be able to practice slowly.

Swinging on the trampoline just for the elderly many benefits, The Balance will be trained, what is the risk of falling reduces in everyday life, the bones are strengthened, the blood circulation is promoted and the muscles are strengthened. In addition, the mood will rise, because the trampoline swing has been proven to release endorphins (“hormones of happiness”).

2. Stay positive – think positive

This point is not as easy as it looks. Because the way of thinking seems to be deep in people anchored. If you have it, however, sick and tired of ruin is always by your negative Thinking, the mood, and then change the. As for your own thoughts only you are responsible. How can you retain in spite of adverse circumstances with a positive attitude, you will learn here: The Work – A path to happiness and satisfaction. These tips will help you more: 14 steps to happiness

3. Live independently

This point is not always as good as the other three. Because often, the own life situation from one Moment changes to the next, such as from a fall, a stroke, or similar events. With willpower, determination and optimism to succeed, however, it is much more likely, in the earlier lives. Don’t give up you therefore!

You don’t think that you can now never worry again. You take care of instead, and intense Rehabilitation, and take all measures that it provides you with available! Also suggest you things that you could do in order to be fit again more quickly.

And if it’s not, then you will see the benefits of a seniors congregation. There is a lot of variety and a lot of other people with whom you can be active. Of course, you can work out in the seniors to have a pen always a certain amount of independence. The employees are each Using their page thankful. And never forget point 2, because people who are in a good mood, much to be cared for better and also more often visited!

4. Irreplaceable be

Many of the older people in your family or neighborhood composite irreplaceable, even if you can’t even move so well. There are many tasks that you can do in a Sitting position. Anyone who knits, for example, can provide the family with a wonderful winter socks, hut, shoes, scarves and gloves. The self-knitted accessories are often more durable than the usual textile quality.

Some seniors have also let the computer age does not scare you and are often on the Internet. You can give up for other Elderly from the neighborhood bulk orders in the Online pharmacy. The subsequent distribution of the products is again a welcome occasion for mutual visits.

However, the existence of some family members is important, e.g. for the pet when all others are blown. Grandma or grandpa are no longer better often, because more understanding listener for a Teenager than the parents simply because they see due to their life experience, much of it so closely.

Healthy older to eat to be healthy

In addition to these four points, there are of course other aspects that help to be healthy and sound older. Particularly important is the healthy diet and a good supply of Vital substances are here. How, specifically, a healthy diet can extend the life time, we have explained here: How to extend your telomeres and your life

Those vitamins that are in old age is particularly important, we have listed here: vitamin deficiency in old age. Also antioxidant plant substances, such as Astaxanthin from certain algae that can help to be a healthy old age: With Astaxanthin healthy old age

The secret to healthy aging is, therefore, no real mystery. Because you knew it already. The secret is not to know it, but it is also in his own life.

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