This Is the Royal Family's Favorite Holiday Cookie

I can’t claim to be as glam as Meghan Markle or Kate Middleton (TBH,  I probably most resemble Prince Charles, #blessed), but at least this holiday season I can eat like royalty and treat myself like a true princess by making their family’s favorite Christmas cookie recipe.

By cookies, I obviously mean biscuits (they live across the pond, after all). The Royal Family’s favorite are Ginger Bread Biscuits made at Buckingham Palace by a team of professional pastry chefs. Once baked, each cookie is decorated with festive icing (royal icing, of course), and some are even personalized with the names of different members of the royal family.

To get a Ginger Bread Biscuit worthy of royalty, there are a few helpful tips shared on the Royal Family’s website.

First, you’ll need “mixed spice,” a blend of allspice, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and ground ginger. You can get it online, or try making your own.

Second, you should make your dough the night before, then let it rest.

Third, after you roll out your dough and cut out your cookies, you should freeze them before popping them in the oven – this helps them keep their shape while they bake.

The recipe makes cookies that are sturdy enough to be hung on your Christmas tree as ornaments, and on Christmas day you can serve them with tea and cocoa for dunking. Just make sure to put on your tiara first!

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