This Sport helps in osteoarthritis

Degeneration of joints – What are the sports in osteoarthritis are well

Osteoarthritis – the Degeneration of the joints accompanied by severe pain, which are often hard to bear. To be very sparing should not be Concerned, however, because movement can relieve the discomfort. However, not all sports are not suitable, explain experts. They also point to the fact that Sport for the prevention good.

Five million people affected

The German osteoarthritis help, according to osteoarthritis, with about five million people are Affected, the most common joint disease in this country. Many of those Affected protect themselves, because they are in pain or unsure of what load you can impose on your joints. But, with the right Sport at the right level can help the progression to slow osteoarthritis. Health experts explain what to look for in sports types especially well, and how it can be prevented.

Certain sports, such as Cycling or water aerobics are particularly well suited to relieve symptoms in osteoarthritis. (Image: Syda Productions/

Treatment options of osteoarthritis

In the case of osteoarthritis, it comes to an inflammation of the joints, which can lose swelling, pain and your mobility.

In the acute case, it comes to know what helps to be Concerned, really. Health experts advise often to pain medications, or heat or cold applications.

However, Natural medicine relieves arthritis pain and stiffness. To call, among other things, devil’s claw and stinging nettle are extract.

In addition, treatment options Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), as well as procedures such as acupuncture or Qi Gong, are useful in osteoarthritis.

An important role nutrition plays. You should eat for osteoarthritis no meat and little cheese. Also Affected is mostly recommended to lose weight, if you suffer from Overweight or obesity.

And movement can also help relieve the symptoms of osteoarthritis, but not every Sport is good.

Particularly suitable for sports

“Sports therapeutic approaches show that Sport and exercise can also be an important agent against osteoarthritis, or osteoarthritis-prevention”, – said in a Newsletter (GOTS society for Orthopaedic traumatologic sports medicine).

In a communication which was published by the information service science (idw), explains the GOTS, the extent to which Sport and osteoarthritis are compatible and what kinds of sport are recommended.

According to the experts sports are Hiking, Cycling, walking sticks, or Nordic walking, cross-country skiing, classic or water aerobics are particularly suitable.

Especially when you Cycle the cyclical movement in the seat easing the position for the lower limb is particularly favorable.

With already limited mobility, especially the bike Ergometer, which facilitates the coordination to get On and off.

The Descend in the terrain can be facilitated by the Use of a ladies bike or a bike with a low Holm. Appropriate gear and also the choice of tours and equipment are decisive for the joint load.

Only limited recommendable

According to the GOTS, the reduced stress on the joints of the lower limb during Nordic walking, but a little lower than initially assumed.

Through the use of the sticks and the step will be something bigger, some of the Impact is higher, so this can only be done with good knowledge of sports is recommended.

Sports with a higher technical standards must be in place before the osteoarthritis-formation dominated, because Learning with osteoarthritis is difficult or impossible.

These include sports, especially Tennis, Golf, skiing, table tennis, sailing and horse riding. With the appropriate experience and acceptance for the somewhat limited level of performance, can be operated in these sports but it is quite more.

What is important is the Use of cushioned shoes or possibly a Walker will appear here.

Which Sport is better is it not?

Unsuitable sports for osteoarthritis, especially team sports, or sports that go hand in hand with high Tempo, non-predictable change of direction and external influence.

These are, for example, Squash, trampolining, Basketball, Handball, football, Volleyball, or disciplines such as weightlifting and athletics events.

Important to know: in some cases, sports can also predispose to the development of osteoarthritis.

“Stress in elite sport in the case of joint strenuous sports are associated more often with osteoarthritis-formation”, Prof. Dr. Stefan Nehrer, GOTS the Board of management and University Professor at the Danube University Krems.

However, moderate forms of training with moderate intensity can have beneficial effects for osteoarthritis patients. Sport and movement are not only an important agent against osteoarthritis, but according to the experts in osteoarthritis prevention.

What is good for the joint

Osteoarthritis can affect Substantially all of the joints. For the Sport relevant to the osteoarthritis in the knee joint, ankle joint, followed by the hip and the shoulder area.

What is driving the formation of such a joint is broken by injuries, especially in sports. In the knees this are usually the meniscus, cruciate ligament and cartilage injuries in the upper ankle joint ligament instabilities and cartilage contusions and capsular injuries to the hip.

Chronic overload situations in joints, especially the knees, can be reinforced O – and X-leg position.

The professionals, according to the cyclic Loading and discharge phases are important in order to nourish the cartilage cell. This cell is dependent on Diffusion, which is due to the pumping mechanism of the load.

Because the viscoelastic capabilities of cartilage are depleted, recovery phases is necessary.

Excessive stress, such as prolonged Standing or Sitting for long periods are toxic to the articular cartilage. Such load patterns can be problematic, because it comes to Squeeze out the liquid and Exhausting the lubricating mechanism of the cartilage.

Short Extreme loads, which exceed the breaking loads of cartilage, are equally harmful.

Avoid overcharge

Dr. Markus Neubauer, doctor of Orthopaedics at the University hospital of Krems, explains what to do in case of osteoarthritis to: “First, muscular strength and coordination must be restored,” said the expert.

“The improvement of joint function leads to relief of irritable state, and thus to a reduction of pain. The sports therapy should first be a physical therapist learned,“ explains Neubauer.

To recommend “urgent in the collection of the output state is to ensure an individual vote on range of motion and intensity and avoid Overloading.”

A prerequisite for a sport medical examination is here. In the next step, the movement must be carried out programs in home workout.

Thus, it can be prevented

Cyclic loading and movement to get the functionality of cartilage and joints, according to the GOTS.

The movements must be as minimal load power and influence executed to this effect.

Therefore, Cycling is a very appropriate prevention. It prevents irritation caused, the damage inflammation of the cartilage in a sustainable way.

However, if an Irritation occurs, immediately comply with a temporary sport ban, and an anti-inflammatory therapy.

Taking into account all the rules and types of sport everyone can drive, even with osteoarthritis, yet satisfying Sport. (ad)