Three of these complaints you should never take on the easy shoulder – Video

Headache or a rumbling in the belly, probably everyone knows. But not always, the complaints of self-offense. And some of them are warning signs that no one should ignore. This Video shows when you are necessarily to see a doctor should go.

Severe abdominal pain can indicate inflammation of the blind intestine, the gallbladder or the pancreas. Also a kidney inflammation or kidney stones can cause abdominal pain.

Persistent pain may indicate the end of the abdomen a Tumor

In women, a tubal is part of pregnancy to the possible causes. In addition, may include persistent pain in the abdomen a sign of a Tumor.


Typical symptoms of a heart attack

Those who feel strong pain behind the sternum, should immediately inform a doctor if shortness of breath, cold sweat, Nausea, and a pale-gray face color. Because these symptoms may indicate a heart attack. This includes a strong a feeling of tightness, as well as a heavy pressure in the chest, and the fear of death has come.


Headaches are signs of a stroke?

Also unusual, severe headaches in conjunction with dizziness and vomiting are a serious warning sign. Sometimes a brain aneurysm triggers this pain. It bursts, this can lead to a brain hemorrhage or a stroke.