Thyme prevents belly pain when you eat meat

Thyme makes a Hearty meal easy to digest

Thyme is a must for any spice rack. The Mediterranean herb has a pleasant, spicy Aroma that is rounded out by a slightly peppery sharpness. In addition, the small flakes promote digestion, and more digestible to make hearty dishes. Therefore, thyme pairs well with meat dishes such as beef, chicken and lamb. But also fish, seafood, and vegetarian dishes the herb is a fine touch.

Especially good thyme is compatible with Mediterranean vegetables such as tomatoes, Zucchini and eggplant, mushrooms, olives, potatoes, and goat cheese. Even soft drinks and sweets to take advantage of its tart flavor. So, fruits like Orange and lemon, peaches and figs can be citrus a new stage. For a quick Dessert, cut strawberries in thin slices, drizzled it with lime juice and sprinkled them with fresh leaves. A bit and with a scoop of vanilla ice cream to serve. Thyme is often combined with garlic and other herbs such as Laurel, rosemary and sage. He is part of the French herb mixture “Fines Herbes“ and the “herbs of the Provence“.

Thyme has its home in the Western Mediterranean countries. The evergreen shrub grows on mountain slopes, on rocky heaths and summer meadows. The lanceolate leaves are grey-green, on the edge of the bottom rolled up and tomentose. Far from the “Real Thymian&#8220 is widely used; (Thymus vulgaris), also known as “Ordinary Thymian“ or “Gartenthymian“ called. Who “Quendel“ says the “Wild Thymian“ (Thymus serpyllum). Lemon thyme (Thymus citriodorus) is used for the flavoring of herbal vinegar.

In the supermarket, dried thyme is rubbed or crushed. Many shops offer fresh and “Real Thymian“ and “Zitronenthymian“ as a Federal goods or in the herb pot. Thyme can also be used on window sills and balcony. In the home garden, the Plant needs lots of sun, drained soil and little water. The leaves can be fresh and needs to be used.

The typical taste and smell of thyme is mainly due to the essential Oil. It consists mainly of the name-giving Thymol as well as Carvacrol. In addition, lamiaceen tannins and flavonoids. Also in Natural medicine, the herb has its fixed place. It loosens tight phlegm in the respiratory tract and is used, for example, as a tea, in colds. Heike Kreutz, bzfe