Tiffany Haddish Claps Back at Fan Who Asks If She’s Pregnant: ‘No Just Getting Fat’

Tiffany Haddish has no patience for body shamers.

The comedian, 39, had a quick response for an Instagram follower who thought it was a good idea to ask if she’s pregnant based on one of her posts.

“U pregnant,” the commenter wrote. “No just getting fat,” Haddish responded (as spotted by the Instagram account Comments By Celebs).

Her fans loved the comeback, and several pointed out that it was similar to Cardi B’s epic response when she was asked the same question back in February — though in that case, Cardi B was actually pregnant and trying to hide it.

“No bitch I’m just getting fat,” the singer wrote. “Let me fat in peace.”

Women in Hollywood often spend a disproportionate time shooting down pregnancy rumors and dealing with extreme scrutiny of their bodies. Some, like Haddish, get ahead of it by shooting it down completely, and Anne Hathaway did the same thing last year when she was gaining weight for a new movie.

In an Instagram post, the actress said that the added pounds are intentional.

“I am gaining weight for a movie role and it is going well,” she wrote in April, and included a video of her workout. “To all the people who are going to fat shame me in the upcoming months, it’s not me, it’s you. Peace xx.”

She explained to Glamour a few months later that she put up the post because she, “didn’t feel like dealing with the pregnancy rumors.”

“I find it bizarre that there’s a storm to get ahead of, but I have a history of being shamed and humiliated, for a lot of different reasons,” she continued.

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