Turkey is pissed about classification as a Corona-risk area

Turkey has criticized the classification as a Corona-risk area by the Federal government. “Such a classification is consistent, in our view, on the objective facts and the Turkey does not deserve such a classification,” said the Turkish Embassy in Berlin at the request of the German press Agency.

"The Same applies, of course, for the travel warning." The Federal government had to be classified, Turkey on Monday, along with 130 other countries, as a Corona-risk area. From a high-risk area in Germany, Passengers have to expect that you have 14 days in quarantine. For these countries, a waiver of the for more than 160 countries outside of the European Union – for Turkey – current travel warning is currently unlikely.

Third most popular holiday destination of the Germans

Turkey, the third most popular holiday destination of Germans to Spain and Italy, pushing for a repeal of this travel warning. In the explanation of the message, it means that you have in the fight against the pandemic "an exemplary Leistung" done. "Many EU members were affected by the pandemic are far stronger than Turkey, and according to WHO statistics, the number of active Covid-19 cases in Turkey is much lower than in many EU countries." The message also referred to 39 000 intensive care beds in the country. The number of dead was less than in Germany around the same inhabitants.

"The holiday destinations were affected just as little as the German Küstenregionen", it is said in the statement. It was difficult to understand, due to which the scientific criteria of Turkey as a risk area classified had been. "Accordingly, we hope and expect that the Federal government will cancel both the classification of Turkey as a risk area as well as the travel warning for Turkey as soon as possible."

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