Why the Germans are later 70 than people in other countries – Video

Age is not the same age: In a global study, researchers at the University of Washington evaluated, how old people actually are, the feel 65. FOCUS Online explains where in the world, 46-Year-old the Constitution of a 65-Year-olds have – and as we Germans have cut off.

How old someone is, according to year of birth, that doesn’t say much about his actual physical condition. Scientists at the University of Washington (USA) wanted to find out, therefore, where people feel the world’s longest-jung.

Complex study of the age

The health scientists evaluated the medical data of the past 30 years, from 195 countries. Important is only the actual, i.e., the chronological age was not. For the first time the researchers pulled information about the biological and psychological Constitution alike. You looked at the fight, when people worldwide with age-specific limitations. So, for example, with cardiovascular disease, bleeding in the brain or respiratory diseases. Also, how long people are mentally fit and well. As a control, the global Burden of Disease Study, the 65-Year-old stood in the centre. The results were in "The Lancet Public Health" published.

The Germans feel that they are 70 years of age, such as 65

The researchers found that the fittest people in Japan and live in Switzerland. There 76 feel-Year-old is still as young as 65. So you are 30 calendar years older than the inhabitants of the poor island state of Papua new Guinea. There are already 46 feel-Year-old ready for retirement. For comparison: the Germans are 70, if you feel like 65. So you are in the world to number 30.

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