With the Smartphone in bed: millions of people suffer from sleepless nights

Germany is not in the bedroom and blame it on the light of our Smartphones. This is the result of a study conducted by the Smartphone manufacturer, OnePlus.

Nearly 30 percent of adults report that they sleep poorly because you can’t put the phone out of my Hand. In the light of the display is a poison for sleep.

Bright lights in the insomnia

The blue-tinted lighting tricks the eye daylight, the production of the sleep hormone Melatonin is blocked. The Result: Sleepless Nights.

Particularly affected are virtually grown up with the Smartphone are great.

Anyone letting go is more difficult than the 18-to-34-Year-olds to 40 percent of the information, to look between 19 o’clock in the evening and 3 o’clock in the morning on the Display.

The older the respondents were, the lower the use of the late evening: Only 16 percent of people over 55 will be held by the technology awake.

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Smartphone in the evening for better sleep

Germany is awake, is truly no wonder, when you look at a further aspect of the study To the living room and the master bedroom is located on place 2 of the places in the house, where the Smartphone is the most frequently used.

In the process, experts recommend to users to use their phones in the course of the Evening, and ideally before going to bed adjust.

Lisa Artis of the British Sleep Council recommends in addition to a “To-bed-Go-Routine (…), which has a relaxing and comforting” and regular sleep times.

Those who can not leave even from a Smartphone, you can filter the blue light also by means of special Apps. Most of the newer phones have installed this Filter already fitted as standard.

The consequences of too little sleep

The sleep duration is too short and the sleep intensity is too weak, the body gets to feel this quickly.

Especially against players of Melatonin is enhanced distributed the stress hormone Cortisol. The hormone causes the increased blood pressure and the body switches into survival mode and therefore the fat cells fills up. In addition, it comes to headaches and low efficiency.

In addition, a high long-term Cortisol release weakens the immune system. The body is more susceptible to viruses and bacteria.

Also, the training to failure, as the increased cortisol production inhibits the formation of growth hormone, testosterone, as well as the Regeneration of the muscle cells is blocked.

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