Young woman plays in the bath with mobile phone and get deadly electric shock

A 21-year-old Austrian girl has died after she played in the bathtub with your cell phone. The outlet, with the help of her cell phone was on the charger connected, had not, apparently, a FI-protection switch and led so the current through the water directly in your body.

The incident occurred on the 10. February in Vorarlberg. Meanwhile, Jasmine W. from Dornbirn was sitting in the bathtub, with your Smartphone, reported: “oe24”. The Problem: you charged your phone. The device fell to the 21-Year-old out of his Hand and into the water, she suffered shock, a deadly power and died.

That it was far, was probably due to the fact that the outlet, so you charged your phone, didn’t have a Fi-protection switch.

This engages, when the devices are used incorrectly or broken, but also when electrical lines are to be dilapidated or damaged. The switch constantly measures the flow of current in the electrical system and the connected devices; a Relay that breaks at the smallest of Differences in the circuit. Then it clicks often in the fuse box and the power goes out. Only after Removal of the source of the error, the switch can be turned to again permanently.

The Problem: since 1984, the requirement for almost all of the rooms with a bathtub and a shower. Since 2009, new buildings overall, as well as in old buildings, newly installed circuits are affected in the context of a modernization.

How can I find out if my apartment is adequately secured?

In the fuse box has a switch that says "FI-Schutzschalter" or "RCD" be. This is not the case, so the backup can be retrofitted. The one skilled in the art done in a relatively short amount of time.

It may be that you do not live in an environment where there is such a FI-switch. Older Backups will react at the referred to incidents is slow. And then the risk to life is considerably higher. Because The longer the body current is exposed to, the worse the consequences are. When the power to the House, especially the heart is affected.

In the worst case, can solve the victim even of the power source, because the muscles tense up. In this case, a first responder must remove the power source, or interrupt, the affected Person with a conductive object (like a broomstick). Then, immediately dial 112 and give First aid.

Regardless of whether FI-protected or not: It is the old rules apply. Devices to not disassemble, if you are linked to the power grid. Children must be kept away from electrical outlets. A lamp is only mounted when the backup is rotated out.