Topical corticosteroids associated with higher risk for type 2 diabetes

(HealthDay)—There is a positive association between use of topical corticosteroids and incident type 2 diabetes (T2D), according to a study published online April 1 in Diabetes Care.

Yuki M.F. Andersen, M.D., from the University of Copenhagen in Hellerup, Denmark, and colleagues assessed whether topical corticosteroid use in real-world settings is associated with an increased risk for T2D among two cohorts (115,218 adults with new-onset T2D in a Danish cohort and 54,944 adults in a U.K. cohort).

The researchers found that topical corticosteroid use was significantly associated with T2D in the Danish (adjusted odds ratio, 1.35) and U.K. (adjusted odds ratio, 1.23) case-control studies. In the Danish cohort study, a similar association was seen for incident T2D among individuals who were exposed to topical corticosteroids (adjusted hazard ratio, 1.27). Significant dose-response relationships were seen between T2D and increasing potency of topical corticosteroids in the two Danish studies.

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