Amanda Stanton Told Us Bobby Encouraged Her to ‘Get Stronger’ Before Split

While Amanda Stanton Opens a New Window. looks quite fit and toned, she’s told Us she’s not a person who loves to work out — but she did enlist the help of a personal trainer before her breakup with Bobby Jacobs.

“Bobby always makes fun of me when I work out because I do not love working out,” the Bachelor in Paradise Opens a New Window. star told Us in an exclusive interview Opens a New Window. at her Laguna Beach, California, home just three weeks before Jacobs confirmed the couple’s split. “Some people love it and I just don’t.”

Stanton previously shared with her fans that she does fitness sessions at Lightning Fit, which claims to increase the efficacy of strength training and increase muscle tone in a shorter time than a traditional workout. “It’s, like, 25 minutes and they hook you up to these machines so it stimulates your muscles,” the reality star explained to Us on Wednesday, March 13. “So you can work out for 25 minutes and you get, like, an hour-long workout, which is perfect if you’re lazy and don’t like working out, like me!”

But the Lani the Label founder had also gotten more into fitness recently with Jacobs’ help. “I actually started this week working out with a personal trainer and it’s like an hour long and it’s so hard,” she said. “I was telling [Bobby], I was like, ‘I don’t think I’ve ever worked out this hard in my entire life!’” Added the fashion designer, “So [I’m] trying to work out a little more and get stronger and back in shape!”

As for her diet, “I don’t really cook,” the Bachelor Opens a New Window. alum told Us. But the star — who has clapped back at body-shamers Opens a New Window. before — started to avoid gluten after developing a sensitivity to it. She also tries to stay away from sugar “as much as possible,” but admitted it’s “the hardest for me because I have a really bad sweet tooth.” And diet trends don’t make it past her front door! “I don’t do keto or any of those crazy diets,” she said. “I just try to make healthy choices when I can.”

Stanton celebrated her 29th birthday on Tuesday, April 9, posting a sweet photo on Instagram Opens a New Window. that called her daughters Kinsley, 7, and Charlie, 5, her “#1’s always.”

The Now Accepting Roses author admitted on Instagram Stories on Monday, April 8, that she was “completely blindsided” by the breakup Opens a New Window. and thought she and the Tillow cofounder, 33, would get engaged after moving into their luxe new home together. But she respects his decision. “I’m glad he didn’t waste any more of my time,” Stanton said, adding, “Me and the girls are going to keep the house we moved into.”

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