Kylie Jenner Almost Named Stormi WHAT?

Choosing a name for a newborn can be incredibly difficult — even for the world’s youngest billionaire! Thanks to an impromptu Instagram Live session, we finally know how Kylie Jenner chose Stormi’s name.  

The Kardashian-Jenners have a history of giving their kids unique monikers, like Reign, North, Chicago, True and, of course, Stormi. But Jenner revealed that she almost went with something much more traditional.

“I had two names that I honestly liked better than Stormi, but when I had her, I felt like she chose her own name, and I just couldn’t imagine any other name than Stormi… One name I will tell you guys, ’cause I don’t think I’m ever going to name [another] daughter this — I wanted to name her Rose” she said. “I don’t know why. I really like that name. Shout out to everyone named Rose.”

Rose?! While it’s a beautiful name, it’s a far stretch from Stormi. It’s also been around a lot longer. According to Behind the Name, Rose, as we spell it today, was derived from a Germanic name and introduced into the English vernacular as a moniker for people in the 19th century. The Latin word, “rosa,” had been around much longer.

Jenner also recapped how she settled on the spelling for Stormi.

“I looked up names, and I saw Storm, and I really liked that,” she said. “I wanted her to have an ‘ie’ at the end of her name like me — Kylie and Stormie. So, it was just that at first. When I was pregnant, I used to call her Stormie when I would talk to her in my belly, and it just always felt right… When I was doing the birth certificate, last minute I just didn’t put an ‘e,’ so I just did Stormi with one ‘i.’”

Jenner has said she wants to name her next daughter something “feminine,” — but it might not be nearly as classic as Rose. “Number two [on my list] is a very weird name, but I love it,” she admitted. “It just didn’t work for [Stormi].”

Something feminine and weird, huh? Hey, if Jenner can somehow keep coming up with dozens of lipstick titles, we have no doubts that she can pull off another unpredictable baby name.

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